New QB

Well, last night was interesting.  Glennon went out there and proved himself completely incompetent with a QB rating of zero.  Amazingly bad.

Sanchez came in for just a little while.

THEN Trubisky came in and completely kicked ass.  But, always remember what the wolf says…

So what can we really glean from last night?

Glennon was terrible against some Denver starters.

Sanchez gets an incomplete.

Trubisky killed guys who will be doing landscaping in a few weeks.

Hey, I am happy that Trubisky killed it, don’t get me wrong.  Let’s enjoy it but move ahead cautiously.


4 responses to “New QB

  1. Carl from Chicago

    Man I can’t believe I watched until the LAST SECOND of a useless pre season game but I actually was excited to see Trubinsky play QB. I even wanted ONE MORE PLAY so Trubinsky could take another shot at the end zone. He really seemed to know what he was doing out there. As a life long Bears fan I 100% know we will F this up some how but for now I am actually really really excited.

    There’s no way even a stooge like Fox who will get canned anyways can keep Glennon #1 for long. Giraffe Neck was just awful out there, a clown. If it wasn’t for Chad Hutchinson’s orgy of pick sixes and stunning ineptitude I’d say that first game by Giraffe Neck ranks up as the worst debut of any Bears QB in HISTORY which is REALLY saying something.

    Still laughing that my nephew said the guy next to him in the cheap seats yelled “tittieeessss” every time Trubinsky touched the ball and he didn’t know why until Dan showed me his timeless tweet.

  2. Carl from Chicago

    We will be shouting it the whole time. Especially when Giraffe Neck is still in the game looking like Big Bird out there.

  3. NFL players are too fucking stupid to use twitter. Between FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL and the insane asylum that your average college campus has become, the typical NFL rookie setting is “meatball.”

    Having said that, Trubisky made a good first impression unlike the other two ‘experienced” QBs have on our roster.

    Fro Dog’s picks: we’ll be saying “HE CALLED IT” in December…[provided we’re around long enough to care.

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