Bears vs. Cardinals Pre Season

Meh.  This thing starts at 9pm central time, so I will have to rely on our west coast connections and/or anyone crazy enough to stay up and watch this one.  Let me know what you see in the comments.


4 responses to “Bears vs. Cardinals Pre Season

  1. …which means 10 p.m. in lovely Southern MD (the East Coast) which means no way am I staying up late to watch this dumpster fire calling itself NFL Football.

    I have asked friends at work (who are way more involved in this than I am) and they tell me the value of the preseason is seeing if there are any “ponies in the shitpile” that may break out and be contributors on the roster; the whole “you saw ’em here first” shell game that the NFL charges regular season prices for.

    Two questions for Ryan Pace:

    1) If you are trying to get John Fox fired so you can rebuild the Bears indoor image, how can you convince Georgie-boy that you can put together a competitive team in light of the pu-pu platter of a roster that you’ve put together the last two years?

    2) If you can’t od shit in the draft or free agency, what makes you think you’re trustworthy of finding a head coach?

    Talk to y’all Monday.

  2. I am too loyal to not watch this game or any other involving our Bears. Sadly, that’s how it’s always been. Thankfully, there is a wrestling show on before that, so I have a double-header of sorts.

    I also want to see again how horrible Mike Glennon is.

  3. The Bears are marching down. They are so marching down. Down to the 15 or so. Then…

    Mike Glennon throws an interception near the goal line that nearly gets taken back for a touchdown.

  4. It was literally impossible to find this game on the West Coast. I called a bunch of sports bars.. the ones with all the games… and no dice.

    From my perspective they were sandbagging Trubinsky. They had Josh Rounds running plays for no reason whatsoever that guy isn’t near the team and didn’t let him compete. Meanwhile Glennon (Big Bird) didn’t get a zero but still mostly sucked.

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