Bears vs. Browns Pre Season

Well, the fourth and final pre season game tonight.  I am guessing that starters play one or two series if that.  Should be interesting to see Trubisky out there for a while as well.


One response to “Bears vs. Browns Pre Season

  1. 1) God have mercy on anyone who spent money attending this game in person.

    2) Carl and Dan, you’ve mentioned that attending Bears games in person is all about camaraderie and friendship. I’ve also had people tell me that it’s about seeing the draft picks and free agent signings in person, to see if there are any “ponies in the shitpile.” But the fact that the Bears charged full season prices to watch a preseason game between two of the worst rosters in the NFL is Exhibit A in how the owners don’t give a flying fuck about the fans.

    3) Something else to think about: the NFL owners WILLINGLY charge regular season prices for absolute shit football, and people are crying because no one wants Colin the Civil Rights Con Artist Kaepernick on their team? Like the owners truly give a fuck about what the fans want.

    4) Yes, it’s the Browns, who are the preseason picks for the race to the bottom. Yes it’s the last preseason game. But what does it say about the Bears when you get shut out…at home…BY. THE. BROWNS?

    5) The Bears have 0-16 staring them in the face…calling it right here and now.

    6) John Fox is just waiting on his severance package right now. God alone knows WTF Ryan Pace is doing.

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