Cut Day

As opposed to years past when we went from 90 to 75 to 53 guys, today we go straight from 90 to 53 and. Already gone are Cruz and Shaw. I will perhaps ugpdate this post if we get any surprises today.

Update – Aguayo gone. Thank God.

Update – Tanner Gentry gone. We were really rooting for this udfa to make the team but maybe they will keep him foe the practice squad.

Update – Harold Jones-Quartey and Josh Rounds gone, neither are a surprise. Kadeem Carey starts the year on IR which probably means that Lamgford will make the team. He was on the fence with Cohen’s good showing in camp.

Update – McPhee starts the year on the PUP list. He is great when healthy but sheesh he has hardly played for the Bears. I’m getting ready to call that a free agent bust soon.

Update – now McPhee is on the team. Lamarr Houston to the IR and that sets him up for an injury settlement.


2 responses to “Cut Day

  1. Langford is gone. I think this was expected the second they drafted Cohen. Injuries got him and that made way for Howard. They have plenty of depth at that position and Langford was getting rookie money.

    I was surprised Gentry was released. They need a lot of help at wide receiver. Maybe with a large amount of cuts, they could find someone off the waiver wire who’s better? I don’t think they can just depend on the tight ends.

  2. Well, I have to correct myself. Gentry was signed to the practice squad. I guess it’s a surprise he cleared waivers.

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