Bears vs. Falcons

Opening Day, and even though we have to suffer through watching the Bears, it is still football. Carl and I will be there at Soldier Field with 65k of our closest friends for today’s festivities.  God help us.


4 responses to “Bears vs. Falcons

  1. Any guesses as to when Trubisky is made the starting QB?

  2. Bears be like forcing FGs in the red zone.


  3. Dear Mike Glennon,

    It’s okay to give the ball to your running backs when you have the ball inside your opponent’s 10 yard line. You don’t necessarily have to try to win the game by yourself.

    Respectfully submitted,


  4. Dan and Carl,

    I figured you two would be at the game. I was thinking about sending you both a text to tell you to have fun. For me, this is the first time since 2008 I didn’t pick up any tickets. This team has left me so discouraged. They’ve had plenty of games where they had a chance to win late. The problem is, they haven’t been able to close it out. That happened on Sunday.

    The secondary is still in shambles. And the play-calling on offense is still very bad. It’s time to run the ball more and get Trubisky in there. Glennon has zero mobility and once that pocket closes up, he’s done for.

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