Minor Disagreement

So Carl and I were going back and forth texting the other day about who was the biggest Bears bust of all time, Kevin White or Curtis Enis.

White has played 5 games, making little to no contribution, and is surely to be released after being on the IR again all this year (while collecting his guaranteed salary, I might add) – while Enis played in thirty something games, and also sucked out loud.  I guess it would be fair to see how much Enis got paid and compare the two via inflationary dollars but I am too lazy for that.  Money wasn’t the big argument anyways.

One side says White is the biggest bust because he was the 7th overall choice and gave zero to the team, while the other side claims Enis was a bigger bust because he consistently sucked and was taking up a valuable roster spot.

I won’t tell you who took which side, but I would like to hear from our tens of readers who they think is the bigger bust.


3 responses to “Minor Disagreement

  1. I would say Kevin White. Enis, while awful, wasn’t hurt as much (or at all). Playing in 30 games or so and being awful isn’t as much of a bust compared to three seasons of being hurt all the time.

  2. I will have to say Enis is the bigger bust. he had the playing time to get better and never did. Kevin White was never durable enough to get playing time.

    Watch some desperate team sign White to a league-minimum contract next year and then he magically becomes an All-Pro.

  3. i don’t get why this is even a debate. I don’t care about injuries. it’s a cliché, but it’s true, the best ability is availability. so throw the injury argument out the window. if you can’t perform, it doesn’t matter if it’s because of injuries or because you suck, you’re still a bust. unfortunately for white, he can’t perform both because of injuries and because he sucks.

    enis was terrible, but he did have flashes, he did have good games. who wasn’t excited about him in his first game when he ran for 77 yards on 12 carries? looking at his game logs, he had a few games in the 80 yards, 4 YPC area. nothing spectacular, certainly not what you want from the 5th overall pick, but that’s a solid game for a running back. and you can say the same for salaam, mcnown, benson, chris williams, gabe carimi, etc. overall, they were busts, but at least they all gave us a few games of competent play at their position. white couldn’t even do that.

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