Life in the Cheap Seats

Want to sum up our Bears’ experience?  Here’s the view in the cheap seats of the last play of our loss to Atlanta when Giraffe Neck Glennon got sacked on the final play.

It was a beautiful day… took about an hour to get out of the damn stadium since we stayed until the last play.


3 responses to “Life in the Cheap Seats

  1. An HOUR? Damn, brother, how did that happen?

  2. Carl from Chicago

    We are way, way, way up at the top. The game was close so everyone in the cheap seats (I can’t speak for the rich side) stayed until the very last play. So then you have to file all the way down the 400’s. Then you have to walk about 2 miles an hour through the part with the columns. Plus you need to take a leak. Then you have to queue AGAIN to walk down the stairs on the side. I guess it might not have been an hour to get out of Soldier Field proper but we headed towards the south lot to re-tailgate and then we were told it wasn’t happening and we doubled back and went past the stadium heading North and then you have to walk a long way to get a cab through Grant Park and everything. We walked all the way to the Swissotel and watched some more football. So maybe I was exaggerating a bit but not much.

    Plus it was a night mare to get in the game. Took FOREVER. It can’t be harder to get in and out of that stadium on the cheap side. It really can’t.

  3. That’s why I never go to McCormick Place anymore to park. I just park near 31st and MLK Drive. I catch a cab near 18th and Indiana where that walkway is. It’s about $10 cheaper in total and a lot less time to get out of the area. It’s one thing I dislike about Soldier Field (other than the bad football being played).

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