Bears vs. Bucs

Well, today is the debut of one Tanner Gentry, and let the Tannerpalooza begin!


8 responses to “Bears vs. Bucs

  1. Carl from Chicago

    Ha ha the guys who have their Tom Waddle jerseys have been waiting for Gentry. If he does anything at all he can at least be a regular-guy broadcaster for the next decade on TV.

  2. Hey, I’ll take what I can get when it comes to receivers. The Bears don’t have anyone. Next year’s draft should be only receivers, cornerbacks and safeties.

  3. Carl from Chicago

    One of the worst halfs in football for the Bears in years. Absolutely brutal. The only variable is whether or not Trubinsky starts the 2nd half.

  4. Trubinsky over the Buttfumble?

    Tempting, but…nah. First, I’m not too sure about his “mentors” (John Fox? Glennon? Mark Sanchez? Ouch.) Second, to put him in now would be gambling on a lot of things. A poor performance would hurt his confidence and morale. Also, does the rest of the offense trust him at this point? Would they trust him? Lastly, do we trust the O-line to keep him from ending up like Joe Thiessmann on his last-ever play from scrimmage?

    • Buttfumble is inactive today but I still agree with you. Let Glennon get killed for another 8 games or so then bring in the kid.

  5. I say go with TRUBISKY next week. We have to find out now if he can handle this shitty team.

    The Bears didn’t even try today.

  6. Carl from Chicago

    Man I saw the stats and Glennon had over 300 yards passing. Ha ha that’s funny.

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