It’s No Coincidence…

These two facts are not unrelated.  I agree with Dan and other sensible fans that it makes sense to leave Glennon in because this season is already lost and we might as well leave in Glennon to get killed rather than start the inevitable process of wearing down Trubisky until he is broken like all Bears QB’s of the modern era.

But I can’t see the Bears dealing well with the continual firestorm of outraged fans who want to see SOME sort of reason for hope; and right now about the only speck of hope is Trubisky.


One response to “It’s No Coincidence…

  1. The other part of letting Glennon stay in and get killed until he has to take residence at the hospital (and then bring Sanchez in and let him get killed) is that I am starting to think that the Bears might fire Loggains. Why have Trubinsky learn game speed of an offensive system that is likely not to exist next year? He might as well just start fresh. And yes, we have no chance of making the playoffs. Zero.

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