Not The Correct Plan!

So it is official today – the mouth breathers won and Mitchell Trubinsky will be starter for the Bears on Monday Night Football against the Queens.  Sigh.

The optimal plan is to let giraffe neck get killed all year, then bring Grabowski in for the last few meaningless games, and THEN let him start next year.  But I get it.  All of the Bears coaches and GM are on the hot seat and if they don’t win now, they will all get canned.  So what do they care if Trubiskies gets killed?

Tittiess has nobody to throw the ball to, our d sucks, and this team isn’t going anywhere.

Why?  Why can’t we stick to the plan of letting Glennon soak up the punishment!??!  Oh well.  Godspeed, Mitch.  We hardly knew ya.  You never had a chance.


Hey Let It All Out!

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