Bears vs. Vikings

Well then!  The Mitchell Trubisky era begins tonight.


3 responses to “Bears vs. Vikings

  1. It was exciting to see Trubisky run the offense (despite the interception that shit on their chance to win the game). That two-point conversion was executed perfectly to tie the game.

    But damn, the rest of the team really does suck.

  2. Dan from Madison

    I saw a little and the kid looks good. He naturally made some errors and the team surrounding him is just awful. Fox is certainly a dead man walking.

  3. Carl from Chicago

    I think he did well. We had a lot of stoooopid penalties and like Dan says above the team around him is shiiiiite. I felt some sense of the future unlike when Giraffe Neck was in there. Although I do agree that it would have been better to see Glennon take the abuse for this lost season it is a hell of a lot more fun watching a game without Glennon in under center.

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