Bears vs. Ravens and Random Story

Well, the Bears travel to that hellhole called Baltimore and Mitch faces another pretty good defense.  Fortunately, the Ravens offense has been “Flaccoed” and can’t get out of their own way.  Right now the Bears are getting 6.5 from Vegas and I will come out and say we will cover.

On a side note, I was in Houston last week on business and as usual the talk turns eventually to football.  I always get mocked for my Bears leanings, however this time I had something different to say.  This time I was able to say that at least we have a slight, tiny ray of light to be excited about.  Unfortunately for me I had consumed a few cocktails and said it like this:

Well, we still suck but with tittiess on the team we at least have a ray of light coming through the eternal darkness.

The females who were involved in the conversation especially, and everyone else were pretty flummoxed until I showed them the 2nd best tweet of all time on my phone and they all laughed their asses off.   In fact, it brought the house down for a few minutes.

I really should start calling him something else in public, though.


4 responses to “Bears vs. Ravens and Random Story

  1. Carl from Chicago

    Love this from the always awesome Over the Cap. Values of QB’s vs. what they are paid through 5 games…

    Joe Flacco- $8.7 Million

    For a long time the contract of Flacco has been a pretty big joke, but he has hit new lows this year. In terms of adjusted yards he is last in the NFL among players with 100 snaps. Its not like he is making those most of those few yards either as he has had chances, he simply doesn’t produce. The only thing separating he and Glennon is that Flacco is on a winning team with a shot at the playoffs while Glennon’s Bears are cellar dwellars. Flacco is currently the second worst value in the NFL, and the worst healthy player. Ravens need a major turnaround.

    Jay Cutler- $10 Million

    Cutler looks pretty disinterested in playing football this year, but I’m not sure if that is really any different than the way he looked the last few seasons. About the only positive for Cutler is that he hasn’t been a turnover machine and that his team is miraculously 2-2. Cutler only makes $10 million so in that respect the Dolphins are getting what they were paying for, except they signed Cutler thinking they were getting a $20 million arm on the cheap. He may not make it to the halfway point as starter if his offense doesn’t improve.

  2. This week’s bag of turds for the Bears: special teams defense. Joe Flaccid got held to three FGs but then the Bears give up a KO return AND a punt return for 15 combined points that put the Ravens back in a game the bears led by 10 points. If it’s not one thing with this damn team it’s another.

  3. God as my witness, the Bears are the stupidest team in the NFL. Period.

  4. Dan from Madison

    I can’t believe we won that mess with those special teams. We will take it and congrats Grabowski on your first win!

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