Bears Close Against Possible NFC Leaders Carolina?

Carolina might be one of the better teams in the NFC, with Green Bay losing Rogers and the Cowboys seemingly falling apart.  Thus it is amazing that the Bears are only 3 point underdogs at home against this team.

Here’s a prediction per the Bleacher Report

Look for the Bears to make this a competitive game at home. It should come down to a field goal either way, and that will keep this game within the point spread. Take the points and the Bears.

Let’s think about this a bit.  First of all, the Bears finally gave up on Giraffe Neck, primarily because the mouth breathers (fans) could not stand the idea of giving up on the entire season for a better draft pick and saving the wear and tear on our new shiny QB of the future.  While I don’t set the odds for Vegas, I think the line would be a lot higher if the Bears hadn’t been very close against the Vikings (who amazingly are also one of the better teams in the NFC) and beat Baltimore on the road, which is due to the fact that Trubisky came into the game as the starter and brings the Bears a shot at winning instead of a cardboard cutout (albeit a tall one) of a QB.

If the Bears really are this close to Carolina with all their wide receivers hurt and down many key folks on defense to season ending injuries, what does this say about HOW TERRIBLE THE NFL IS RIGHT NOW?

A bunch of crazy things are happening in the NFL.  Teams that were supposed to be great are terrible, and teams that were supposed to be terrible are great.  What is the cause?  What separates the good teams from the bad teams?

  1. Competent QB play – this implies that your QB isn’t costing you the game and is able to run a decent passing attack in the scope of your offense.  If you have a terrible O line (like the Bears right now) then this must be overcome; if you have no receivers (like the Jets) then that has to overcome, as well
  2. Defense Against the Pass – I don’t care how it happens per se whether it is between rushing the QB to hurry him or having great downfield players in the secondary, if you can put pressure on the opposing passing offense you will do well.  Sure there are some running backs out there but they aren’t really putting teams up or down all that much in the grand scheme of things

The Jets, for instance, have this.  Crazily enough, McClown is playing competently even with all his obstacles and the defense is woke enough to do some damage.  Even the lowly Dolphins with Smokin’ Jay were able to win once he started getting his soon-to-be-backbreaking passes to land.

Do the Bears meet these criteria with Trubisky in the lineup?  Probably.  He isn’t killing them like Giraffe Neck and can make some plays when the o line gives him a couple seconds.  Their defense is actually not too terrible, either.  The difference is probably special teams / trick plays which seem to tilt the Bears one way or another on any given week.

I still laugh HA HA HA when I see people take defensive players or receivers and the like with their top draft picks while there are top (potential) QB’s on the board.  IF YOU HAVE TERRIBLE QB PLAY YOU ARE TERRIBLE, PERIOD.  Look at the Raiders without Carr – they are now “the Bears” as Dan and I typically term a team “without hope of winning a playoff game”.  Cleveland took a defensive stud with their #1 pick and sure he’s made a few plays but their quarterback woes make them completely uncompetitive as a team.

It is sooooo ironic that McClown is out there leading the Jests and smokin Jay can even bring the Dolphins an occasional win.  The level of play in the NFL for QB’s is laughable, and it is even worse when “garbage time” yards are taken out of the equation (I still can’t believe that Glennon threw for 300+ yards in a game).



7 responses to “Bears Close Against Possible NFC Leaders Carolina?

  1. Dan from Madison

    I am going to agree with you here except for this part “First of all, the Bears finally gave up on Giraffe Neck, primarily because the mouth breathers (fans) could not stand the idea of giving up on the entire season for a better draft pick and saving the wear and tear on our new shiny QB of the future.”

    I honestly think that all of the coaches knew they were dead men walking with giraffe neck out there and just said to themselves. “screw it, we need to let the kid at least try and who cares about his career we are all fired anyway”. In other words, I don’t think the mouth breathers have much impact on these decisions, but the coaches certainly do. I honestly don’t think they care about Biscuit’s career because if they did, they would let giraffe neck sit back there and soak up the punishment all year until the last few meaningless games. That is a good long term plan, that I think was either upended by desperate coaches, or a pissed off McCaskey clan who are tired of their team looking like a laughingstock season after season.

  2. Carl from Chicago

    Ha ha we are slicing the bologna pretty thin. Whether it happened for the Minnesota game or a couple of games later, Giraffe Neck was so terrible that he had to be replaced. No one could say with a straight face that he was better than a guy off the street. I guess they could have put in Sanchez.

    When we saw McCaskey at the home opener tailgate everyone was asking about Trubisky ALREADY. The McCaskeys would have had to turn off all media and hide in a darkened room to keep playing Giraffe Neck. I think at some point they were like “F it”. Also agree 100% that the coaches only care about this year they all will get canned anyways if the Bears play this badly.

    Here is another slightly different take… since the level of play at the NFL level is SO LOW right now, maybe this isn’t a wasted season for the Bears. Maybe with Trubisky in there – they are JUST GOOD ENOUGH to compete RIGHT NOW. I know it sounds insane but when you have the Jets out there being competitive and even the damn Dolphins maybe this is the time to strike.

    I am kind of thinking that planning and patiently building a team is irrelevant when

    A) everyone gets hurt all the time (like the injuries that plaugued the Bears at wide receiver, O line, and on defense particularly with linebackers)
    B) once your QB is out you are dead anyways

    Look at the hated Packers – literally nothing matters now that Rogers is out. It is true that they had other, major injuries but it is all water under the bridge. They are an awful team, and will be utterly destroyed by good teams (if there are any in the NFL now).

    So, in the NFL, the time is now if you have semi competent QB play and even a scrap of pass defense. Or if you are the Pats, you can have awesome QB play and a trash heap of a defense and be competitive.

  3. Dan from Madison

    We are definitely heading down the rabbit hole here but I guess anything could happen. The Packers are awful without Rodgers and everyone will see just how bad they are this weekend. If the Bears can get some starters back off of injury and keep what we have healthy, there really isn’t any reason they can’t be at least .500 this year. Just look at everyone else, like you said. Hurt Newton and the Panthers = the Bears.

  4. Carl from Chicago

    I don’t know how they came up with it but Pro Football Focus said we were the #3 defense. I think they actually look at the grades of individual players and come at it that way. I’ve seen other ones where we are in the middle of the pack. As any Bears fan knows, miserable QB play does a ton of damage to the defense by continously putting them on the field in unfavorable situations and by tiring them out. The Packers will start to see that now HA HA HA as any weaknesses on defense in terms of players or scheme are ruthlessly and repeatedly targeted by opposing teams, made worse by the fact that QB miscues give bad field position and demoralize everyone because even if you make a great stand on defense it is just throw away by more terrible play on offense. It is a horrible cycle we have witnessed many times of how a close game becomes a rout (driven by backbreakers on offense) and then some garbage time offense pads the stats (like Glennon’s 300 yards or Cutler’s garbage time TD’s).

    But back to our “down the rabbit hole” thread – if the Bears have an average or above average defense, and Trubisky can give them competent QB play on offense, all the sudden we can make some real noise in our division. Green Bay is terrible (now). We’ve seen the vikings and they aren’t exactly terrifying. And I will never believe in Detroit with Stafford and hope his contract becomes a giant albatross for that franchise (reward for winning NOTHING).

    I’ve never claimed to know much about the NFL but right now none of the pundits do either ha ha. NO ONE predicted the Jets would win these games and other upsets like Miami are also turning it all on its head. Now I know squat and no one knows squat so it is a brand new day.

  5. Dan from Madison

    “But back to our “down the rabbit hole” thread – if the Bears have an average or above average defense, and Trubisky can give them competent QB play on offense, all the sudden we can make some real noise in our division.” There is a lot of IF here. BUT it is as plausible as anything else in the NFL this year. It is just survival of the fittest.

  6. Hi, fellas…it’s been awhile.

    Why is the play in the NFL so shitty right now? The NFLPA and its membership.

    1) In the last CBA, the players got the OTAs severely reduced (if not outright killed) and reduced the amount of practice time with full pads. They also agreed to some deal that short-sheeted a lot of the 4-6 year veterans out of lucrative contracts…which basically wiped out a lot of valuable experience. The result: too many players with not enough experience, and not enough practice time to get them ready for game day.

    2) Between whatever college football environment they’ve been in and the politically correct social justice atmosphere (sorry, Fro Dog…last time, I swear!), today’s football players coming out of college are basically two-legged meatballs.

    3) All that built up muscle is so wound up that it is easier for them to tear muscles and ligaments on even non-contact plays (remember Lance Briggs’ sack dance at New England?). With players hitting harder than ever-because they have no real technique at blocking and tackling anymore-players are the most injury prone ever.

    Have the Bears announced “open tryouts” yet, or are they still trying to fill out the gamed roster from the practice squad?

  7. It wasn’t Briggs. It was Houston who had the sack. I think you knew that and just forgot. No worries!

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