Bears vs. Aints

Well, we will soon see if last weeks defensive showing was a fluke or not as Brees is having another career year.


2 responses to “Bears vs. Aints

  1. What we have here in Chicago is an excess of rookies being led by coaching of dubious quality.

    Da Bears: 14 rookies starting, have played 21 this year so far. Over a third of them undrafted fear agents. Head Coach: John Fox, “Isn’t a division title enough?”

    The Fucking Illini: 14 true freshman starting, 21 on the roster, plus 10 redshirt frosh. Head Coach: Lovie Lee Smith, who didn’t believe that losing to the Packers was important to the bears’ playoff chances.

    The Bulls: 12 of 17 players on the roster with no more than two pro seasons. Head Coach, Fred Hoiberg, who survived a season of the “three alphas” only to have one player punch another in the face and do enough damage to keep him out for a month.

    Go Black Hawks, otherwise it’s gonna be a long cold winter.

    Considering that the Aints haven’t REALLY fixed their long-standing woes, we should hope that Fox loosens the reins on Trubisky and let him play some real football ( not this four of seven passing bullshit either).

    Go Bears. Ho hum.

  2. Amazing. The bears hold Drwe Brees out of the end zone in the second half, but can’t convert on 3rd and 4th and short.

    Worthless motherfuckers. Can’t wait for Fox to see what he has to say at the post-game presser; it’s not like him running his pie-hole after crap like this isn’t a fireable offense.

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