Bears vs. Slack

The Bears are an astounding 5.5 point favorite at home against the now awful Packers.  I am going to predict a Bear victory today.

It is really amazing how bad the Packers are without a qb.  The whole rest of their team is really awful but I am not telling you anything you don’t already know.  I am just a bit surprised at the extent of their awfulness.  Detroit ragdolled them last week and the Lions aren’t all that nor a bag of chips.


6 responses to “Bears vs. Slack

  1. I am tempted to spend the afternoon at Buffalo Wild Wings and try to catch this game, but i have haunting memories of the Lovie Smith Bears shitting their pants and losing games against the Auld Enemy that could have been won (see: 2011 NFC title game, featuring The Todd Collins Experience).

    Also not sure if I want to see the Fox and Company’s non-training of the rookies on its roster.

  2. Carl from Chicago

    Agreed that this is one that they ought to win. And it will be super satisfying to beat the Slack. I’m just scared because this is the first time since 2013 when Trestman had the Bears going for a bit that I think we have a chance to be decent ha ha so I am getting my hopes up.

  3. Dan from Madison

    I’m guessing after that shitshow we will see some coaches getting their walking papers. What an absolute joke. Two weeks of prep and that was our best? Garbage!

  4. Bears are still a joke. Fox had two weeks to prepare for this. Say what you want about Lovie but he took this rivalry seriously. Whoever the next coach is needs to make a Lovie style statement about the Pack. I’ve had enough. Someone please hit Brent Hundley in the head and make him swallow that gum. What a disgrace to lose to such a POS. When does the Biscuit finally execute on the last drive and get us a W? Not with these clowns coaching him.

    • Dan from Madison

      Now that I think about it I assume the McCaskeys will just wait until the end of the season to ax everyone. It has been shown repeatedly that firing coaches mid season isn’t their style.

    • Trubisky had two throws (I believe) on that final drive that were dropped by receivers. The passes were well-placed. I don’t know if they still would have scored since it was under a minute with no timeouts. But those dropped passes didn’t help. He’s not to blame for this loss.

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