Bears vs. Lions

What a total shitshow last week.  I do like the progress by Grabowski, however.  The Lions come to town today and I have a bad feeling about this one.


4 responses to “Bears vs. Lions

  1. John Fox may as well be out on the sidelines with a six-pack of whatever beer he likes to drink, going forward for the season. Not like he’s coaching to win or develop Trubisky or the rest of the talent on the roster.

  2. I know it’s only halftime, but today we have QBs named Blake Bortles, Blaine Gabbert, and Ryan Fitzpatrick putting in winning performances so far today.

    Wrap your heads around THAT.

    Oh, and Jay Cutler threw a TD pass today.

  3. Dan from Madison

    I like the way Grabowski is coming along. He will be fine.

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