Bears vs. Eagles

Aw man.  I had such a nice Thanksgiving.  I won’t ruin it by watching this ass whipping.  As of this writing Vegas has the fEagles by 11.  I don’t think that is enough.

Only two lines are worse – Miami getting 15.5 at New England and the awful Packers getting 14 at Pittsburgh.


4 responses to “Bears vs. Eagles

  1. Sooo…let’s talk about player development.

    The Fighting Illini football team (yep, they still have one) played about 79 man-games with freshmen, up to the ass-whipping they got from northwestern yesterday. Does Lovie Smith (zero playoffs in his last five seasons with Bears and Tampa) have enough experience moulding All-Pro football players to develop the underclassmen on his roster into a competitive Big Ten team? Oh, btw, he’s a combined 4-20 in his first two seasons as head coach.

    Fred Holberg, in his third season as coach of the Bulls, has twelve players on his roster of seventeen with up to two years NBA experience. The baby Bulls ate a 49-point loss at Golden State on Friday night. Is there any chance he turns this team around and gets them back into the playoffs in two years?

    The Bears have 21 rookies on their roster. Given that John Fox will be fired no later than the Monday after the regular season ends, does anybody have any head coaching candidates that can take a shot at properly growing the youth on the roster (especially the No. 2 pick and current starting QB?)

    Have a good Sunday, y’all!

  2. Let me answer those questions for you.

    Illini question: No.

    Bulls question: No.

    Bears: There is a head coaching candidate out there that could help, but management is too stupid to actually find him.

  3. Fox/Pace need to go!. Fox and pace both have records worse then Trestman and Emery. Plus the questionable free agent signings and poor draft picks,and our training not being able to get players back on the field.Not one of our players can start on any other team. It’s time to clean house top to bottom. Hire Bill Polian as V/p football operations John Dorsey as Gm and hire Mike Mc Coy as HC.

  4. Ed agree with most of your points except for your recommendations – Polian is like 90 years old – don’t think he’d be up for taking a job like the Bears. Mc Coy was under Fox at Denver – do we want to risk that? Dorsey seems like a good fit – was under strange circumstances why he left KC though. Overall, the Bears will probably do their usual thing and do nothing.

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