Bears vs. Bengals

We have been here before.  Nothing to play for.  Late in the season.  The press up in arms.  Black Monday is coming.  I am totally cheering for the Bears to lose as there is ZERO benefit to winning right now.  We need to keep Mitch upright.  Another lost season.


7 responses to “Bears vs. Bengals

  1. Carl and Dan,

    Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for keeping the faith and keeping the site up.

    The Chicago Bears franchise, from top to bottom, has seriously driven away the fan base in the last few years. Good to see a few people on these inter webs who still post once in a while.

    • Dan from Madison

      It is a goofy thing where it is like the strange fascination of watching a train wreck. Can’t look away.

      And I am interested in how front offices work in the NFL. Under what metric does Ted Phillips deserve to keep his job as president? The other big question on black monday will be if George keeps Pace.

      I wonder if Ma at this point truly understands what is going on and if she realizes what a total laughingstock this franchise is.

  2. Meanwhile the game is a penalty-fest. Eight combined penalties. Good God these teams are so undisciplined.

  3. Dan from Madison

    I can’t believe this. Terrible win!

  4. Carl from Chicago

    Ha ha Dan and I talk about it but the real mystery is

    1. How Ted Phillips has a job
    2. What would it take for him to be fired

    A botched stadium renovation.

    Disastrous hires.

    No playoffs.

    Team is a laughingstock.

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