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A Closer Look At 2013 Stats For Julius Peppers

I can’t remember where, but I read in one place that Julius Peppers didn’t have horrendous numbers for 2013. The writer I read was looking at category totals. Peppers played in all 16 games and ended up with 7.5 sacks and 31 solo tackles.

Let’s look at these totals a bit more. Specifically, let’s look at four of the 16 games: 1. 9/29/13 v. Detroit, 1 sack and 4 solo tackles in a game the Bears lost; 2. 11/17/13 v. Baltimore, 2 sacks and 8 solo tackles in a game the Bears won; 3. 12/1/13 v. Minnesota, 2.5 sacks and 5 solo tackles in a game the Bears lost; and  4. 12/29/13 v. Green Bay, 1 sack and 4 solo tackles in a game the Bears lost.

The above four games, three of four of which were losses, account for 6.5 of Peppers’ 7.5 sacks and 21 of 31 of his solo tackles. What about the other 12 games he played? One sack and 10 solo tackles.


Charles Tillman Guarantees He Will Retire As A Bear

Charles “Peanut” Tillman was quoted on the record as saying that he guarantees that he will retire as a Bear. An asshole by the name of Paul Jackiewicz from then comes out with a piece that shows how ignorant the press can be. Read the last two sentences a couple of times and add the emphasis you think that the writer penned. Think about Tillman’s career as a corner and Tillman’s legacy as a human being and tell me you don’t think Paul Jackiewicz ought to be punched in the mouth for his reaction to “Peanut.” Here is what he wrote:

“With free agency looming for Bears cornerback Charles Tillman,  he guaranteed that he’ll retire as a Bear.

“There has been speculation that Tillman will want to leave the Bears to go play for Lovie Smith in Tampa Bay, but the cornerback insists he wants to end his playing career in Chicago.”In a perfect world, I will finish as a Bear,” Tillman said via CBS Radio in Chicago.“ I guarantee you I will retire as a Chicago Bear. I guarantee that.”

Tillman isn’t getting any younger.  If he wants to retire as a Bear,  he better be willing to give them a home town discount.”

Charles Tillman was born in Chicago, the son of a U.S. soldier. He has only ever played for the Bears. He is arguably the best corner in Bears history. He is a two time Pro Bowl player. He has won a Courage Award, a Salute to Service Award, and the Brian Piccolo Award three times. Does he need Jackiewicz to tell him to look in the mirror and he’s not getting any younger?

UPDATED February, 2014: Add winner of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

McCown Still Open To Bears Even If Another Team Offers A Starting Job

On Tuesday Josh McCown was quoted on ESPN 1000’s “Waddle and Silvy Show” as saying the following:

“I think from both sides, when I left and was exiting and doing all those things, I think it was mutual that both [parties] want to keep working together…. I think we understand what we are coming from there. It’s just the things that I have to weigh and think about. If an opportunity does come along to start, where is that team? What kind of team is that? It’s hard to leave a team, especially as a quarterback, in an offensive structure that we have and are building with the pieces that we have. So it’s not so cut and dry that this team will give you an opportunity to be a starter so let’s go there. I think it’s weighing what all is there and what that opportunity entails. It’s going to have to look really good for me to go someplace else because my heart is in Chicago and that is where I want to be.”

I for one hope that the Bears make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Reggie Herring and Paul Pasqualoni

The Bears have hired Reggie Herring as their LB coach and Paul Pasqualoni as their DL coach.

Herring, age 54, previously coached with the Texans from 2011 – 2013. Before that, Herring coached with the Cowboys from 2008 – 2010. With the Cowboys, Herring was LB coach under head coach Wade Phillips. With the Texans, Herring worked under Phillips, who was the DC.

Pasqualoni, age 64, comes to the Bears after most recently being dismissed as the head coach of the University of Connecticut, during his third season there. Prior to the U. of Connecticut, Pasqualoni worked as DC and DL coach for the Dallas Cowboys in 2010, DC for the Dolphins in 2008 and 2009, and LB coach for the Cowboys in 2006 and 2007.

Today’s Odds

Are you a gambler? I’m more of a blue-chip high dividend long term investor. But I do look at NFL odds. had the following lines for this weekend’s games at the time of this writing: Broncos -9.5, Seahawks -8, Patriots -7, and San Francisco heads up. had the following: Broncos -9.5, Seahawks -7.5, Patriots -7, and San Francisco vs. Carolina as a pick ’em.  had the following: Broncos -10, Seahawks -8, Patriots -7.5, and San Francisco heads up. had the following: Broncos -9.5, Seahawks -8, Patriots -7.5, and San Francisco heads up.

Both Team Rankings and Fox expressed confidence levels in their picks. Team Rankings had their Broncos pick at a 4 star ranking, Seahawks at 3 stars, Patriots at 3 stars, and San Francisco at 1 star. Fox, however, ranked the Broncos as their best pick, the Seahawks as their second best pick, San Francisco as their third best pick, and the Patriots as their fourth pick.

1) I think that the Broncos win by 10 or more;

2) I think that the Seahawks win by more than 8;

3) I think that the Patriots don’t win by more than 7; and

4) I taking San Francisco.

The Last Word on Jay Cutler

We must have gotten linked by a message board or something, because the comments are filling up with the typical NFL fan crazed delusions.  That being said, here is the last word for all of you Cutler haters.

At the end of the season, with Cutler’s contract done, the Bears had exactly three choices.

1)  Sign Cutler

2)  Work the free agent market

3)  Draft and pray

I am not a draft and pray guy for the qb position.  This offense is pretty complex as far as offenses go, and Cutler knows it and so does TQWSNBN ™.  Our second year will be even better.  If we drafted some blockhead like Winston (for instance) he wouldn’t understand anything.  Even if you drafted a smart rookie, the learning curve would be steep.

For free agents, the only thing that you can say that will convince me that the free agent market would be better would be to give me a name of an available quarterback so I can laugh at you.  So forget that.  All the good qb’s are locked up.

So you are left with…sign Cutler.  It was easily the best option and running the contract over 7 years spreads out the cap hit.  It is not likely that Cutler will be playing football in 2021* but I confess to not knowing how that ends up working on the back end.

So lets just talk about something else, shall we?  Cutler was the best choice, and we are moving forward.

*much less know his name thanks to The Destroyer of Worlds ™ and Mad Martz ™

Psst…Hey You…Yea You…Get Off That Ledge

So now all day on ESPN we get to see Aaron Rodgers heave the ball down the field to a wide open receiver for a touchdown.  Blah blah blah.

We didn’t miss the playoffs because of one busted coverage.  Few will remember that we split the season series with the Packers but will focus on the ONE game, and even on ONE play, which is stupid, but that is the way it goes.

The Bears ended the season at 8-8 – it is very rare indeed to make the playoffs with that kind of record – I can only think of a few times that happened.

We dropped two games compared to last year – but it is stupid to compare then to now.  The personnel would have been different, the schemes, who knows what else.

Frankly, I have never been so “up” after a devastating defeat than I am today.  I firmly believe that we are in excellent hands with our coaching staff and front office.  They pulled off a minor miracle getting to 8-8 with our patchwork defense and backup quarterback.  I honestly think that the future for our team is bright and can’t wait to see what they do in the off season.  There will certainly be a lot of changes – that is for sure.

I wonder if they will scapegoat Tucker or let him slide for all of the injuries we had on that side of the ball – we missed more starter games than any other team in the NFL.

Ah well.  No playoffs for the 5th time in 6 years.  It sucks, but it is what it is.  We shall move forward and Trestman will lead us on in a professional manner to the top of the division.  I hate to say wait ’till next year, but there it is.