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2014 Draft

This week we heard the news of Ego Ferguson getting cut. He was our second round pick in the 2014 draft, Phil Emery’s last with the Bears. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at the 2014 draft.

Round 1 – Kyle Fuller (still on team)
Round 2 – Ego Ferguson (cut)
Round 3 – Will Sutton (still on team)
Round 4 – Ka’deem Carey (still on team)
Round 4 – Brock Vereen (cut)
Round 5 – none
Round 6 – David Fales (practice squad)
Round 6 – Pat O’Donnell (still on team)
Round 7 – Charles Leno Jr. (still on team)

I imagine with our free agent signings that Fuller is probably on his way out the door. Sutton is a contributor as well as Carey at times. O’Donnell is a decent punter for us. The rest are garbage. This is why Emery got fired and also why the Bears are a laughingstock. When you produce year after year of failed drafts, it simply catches up with you. You need solid contributors especially in the early rounds or the rest of the league just passes you by as your current players age.


Fire Everybody in 2014

We blog using Word Press and they put this report out of our 2014 “highlights”.  It is kind of funny the photo that the Word Press bots picked was Dan’s picture of a dumpster fire used to summarize our brutal and disastrous season.  If you are bored some time check it out.

Of course our big hits came on Black Monday when ol’ lady McCaskey put the hits out on everyone but Tucker whom we assume she is saving for a token interview for the head coach position and then he gets fired out of a cannon too.

I love comparing this web site to the Sydney Opera House… I’ve been to both and I’ll tell ya that visiting Fire Everybody ain’t the same as being in Sydney.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 40,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 15 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


Here is a new podcast for you. Topics are the coaching/GM search, Bruce Arians and the Bears free agent class.  The majority of the podcast is about the free agents however.  Please forgive me, there are a few technical glitches in there but it truly isn’t worth it for me to fix.  One take for me.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Ambiguity From Halas Hall?

The search apparently is well on, for there is much work to be done at Halas Hall. Mr. McCaskey and Mr. Phillips have secured Ernie Accorsi as a consultant.  McCaskey and Phillips have seemed to say, however, that they will be making final decisions themselves.  There is more than one way to interpret this.


Perhaps McCaskey and Phillips believe that their past lack of success in making hiring decisions is forgivable, given exigent circumstances that only they are aware of.  Perhaps McCaskey and Phillips believe that they have grown and learned from their past mistakes.


Then again, perhaps McCaskey and Phillips have decided that the decision will be theirs, in that they will forever own up to it, but all that they will be doing is hiring Accorsi’s choice, assuming of course that the Bears can come to terms with whomever it is. This may be necessary, as to many observers  it may be unpalatable to have McCaskey seem in any way to just be a rubber stamp.  No doubt he needs to maintain the appearance of total control.


There are a lot of names being mentioned as possible GM and HC candidates.  From the media and elsewhere, as reported by the media.  The Fritz Pollard Alliance has reportedly made three GM candidates known to Accorsi.  Let us hope that with all the opinions that are being tossed around, the gentleman, Mr. Accorsi, being paid by the Bears to be the smartest guy in the room is indeed the smartest guy in the room.

So Long, Year 2014

Warning: Long read!

I’ll try to go in chronological order, as much as possible. I got the impression that the 2014 season began with a lot of optimism about what kind of a season the Bears would have. And there didn’t seem to be too many people that were disbelieving.

Granted, there were plenty of raised eyebrows with the Cutler contract, but persuasive alternative choices at the time that the deal was done weren’t overpowering arguments. It was in January that this website sought out reasoned analyses as to what choices the Bears had besides to sign Cutler, come up with the name of an experienced available QB, or opt to draft and pray for a QB.  Having read what was written, I didn’t see a viable alternative to signing Cutler. As has been necessary to repeat, however, the price tag was an altogether different animal.  But, let’s not forget that QB contracts after Cutler’s deal was done, as a whole, have included less guaranteed money than they did before Cutler’s contract.  The point being, negotiators of the Cutler contract could still point to more, rather than less, guaranteed money, as indications of what Cutler, even as merely a quarterback with a pulse, should be getting in light of what QB contracts before his contract had escalated to include.

There was probably not enough emphasis and attention paid to certain developments that would come back to haunt the Bears. While the site certainly  didn’t endorse things like Briggs leaving town to open his BBQ place and B. Marshall going on The View (?) to sign his contract, stinking horseshit  like these events didn’t draw the hot flaming ire that we now hold for them.

As for the actual start of the season. the majority of us figured that the Buffalo game would be a win for the Bears. Instead, it would prove to be an omen. The win against the 49ers was an unexpected win. But again, the Buffalo loss and the San Francisco win had us doing some meaningless mental gymnastics,  trying to rationalize a loss to Buffalo with a win against the 49ers. Not something a good team does to people’s expectations.

It was after the 38 – 17 home loss to the Packers that, more than confusion about the Bears consistency, but the season’s true ugliness began to show. It was then that we had to realize that with Jay’s lifetime record against the Packers and our remaining schedule, things were grim.

Dan made the call on Jared Allen’s invisibility as early as September 23,  when the team was just 2 – 1, stating that Allen “has to start getting sacks.”And, as the season progressed into a lost cause, Allen’s practice and polish in front of the TV cameras seemed to allow him to avoid and escape being cornered  as the rat he was this season. Pneumonia my left nut.

As to the team, Dan posted “Conditional Critical” as early as October 9, a few days after the Carolina game.

I think it was around the Miami game on October 19 that most of the readership  started to fully admit that the Bears were not who we hoped they were. Of course, it was the week after the Miami game that the Patriots put up 51 points and any and all hope seemed to absolutely turn into delusion.

The site has been exploring damage control since at least October 20, when the “What is to be Done?” thread appeared.  Interestingly, a comment back from that thread is as follows:

“…start showing the high priced vets the door via trade and begin grooming a qb.”

It was on November 10 that Dan floated “Put A Fork In IT” on the site,  following up by declaring that from that point on, he would be giving the remainder of his tickets for the season away. Actions, people, speak volumes.

The site didn’t really rake Lamaar Houston over the coals too badly, though the (expletive deleted) more than deserved it.  The guy was so completely and utterly a sorry excuse for a Bear he seemed to be creatively exploring new ways to be a distraction.

“Stop Harassing Marc Trestman’s Daughters”  had to be published by the gentlemen in charge here at the site.  Apparently, there are people in the population at large who call themselves fans with too little honor and self-respect than to terrorize offspring about their father, who is a public figure, though the children are not.

The website included a podcast and a poll in 2014.  As well as several pieces about the U. of I.  The talk about the Bears cap situation has been interspersed throughout the year  and Dan has made this one of the few forums, if there are any others, devoted to the Bears where the readers  have gained some understanding about this thing called the cap because someone took the time to focus on it, in an environment that is conducive to learning.

As for the content of the majority of the posts throughout the year, it seems to be that the love of the Bears out of a sense of history and faithfulness remains strong. As is true about at least a few players, like Forte, Bennett, Long, and Paea, most of the time. But, as far as liking every single player or coach that puts on the uniform of the Bears, well that has been impossible.

Black Monday came and the Bears told Phil Emery and Marc Trestman that they would be parting ways from the Bears  before 9:00 am. George McCaskey  and Ted Phillips held a press conference stating that they’ve retained Ernie Accorsi, an expert consultant, to guide them in reaching out to a new GM and HC.  Perhaps Accorsi will be given a lot of weight. Perhaps McCaskey and Phillips think that they need to continue to think the way that they have been thinking.  Certainly we’ll all be doing a lot of reading in the coming weeks about the new blood, whomever it may be.

Black Monday Open Thread

So I got this “to the point” email from Halas Hall over the weekend:


Well, today is the day.  I am quite sure that there will be some office cleaning at Halas Hall.  I will be busy updating our masthead while our crack tech staff (Carl) will be working on dumping our past re-directs and setting up new ones as events unfold.

Personally, I want a presser from ownership that lays out a clear plan on the future, once the pieces are in place.

Bears vs. Queens Open Thread

I saw Bridgewater play last week and he looks to be a decent pickup for the Queens.  I am sure he will torch our hapless d for a few td’s today.

I am guessing that the moving vans will be lined up outside of Halas Hall tomorrow for everyone (or at least a bunch of guys) to gtfo – and this includes players and coaches alike.  Black Monday will be eventful for the Bears, to say the least.