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A Worse Game Day Experience Than Soldier Field

Recently I went to see a Chargers game in San Diego. First off, let me just say that city is beautiful and the weather is awesome and it would be great if I could live in a climate like that year round. But I can’t so let’s start with the hating.

Not only is their stadium a colossal dump, their beer prices are just crazy. These are worse even then Soldier Field.


Hey but at least they have cheerleaders. One of our favorite threads here is how much we hate the stoooopid drum line at the Bears and how we need to bring back cheerleaders.


Their “big screen” was hilariously tiny. I think Dan’s TV is bigger than this. And when the field was in shadows you couldn’t even see the screen. This place is a time machine.


The team has alienated their fan base by threatening to move a thousand times and spending zip on the stadium so that it gets so old that they have to have a new one. A couple days after I left San Diego they voted down funds for a new taxpayer-funded stadium so I guess this will just continue until they find a town dumb enough to subsidize some zillionaire owner since San Diego won’t do it. But just my luck – I sit behind literally the last local guy who cares about the Chargers and he is all Bartman-like with headphones on and stands most of the time.


One more time – get rid of the drum line and get cheerleaders – nice calendar.



Bulls Cheerleaders

 Funny I didn’t see anyone demanding a drum line.


Even India Now Has Cheerleaders

One of our longest running themes at this site, other than an enduring fascination of how someone as inept as Mr. Ron Turner can keep employed in football, is that the “Drum Line” sucks and the Bears ought to get cheerleaders. Here is the original post and the comment thread goes on and on.

Well now the Bears are so far behind the times that even India has cheerleaders for cricket. This post in Deadline describes how Snyder of the Redskins imported cheerleaders and it is pretty funny.

Maybe now that we’ve cleaned out the front office some day they can have an actual marketing department and figure out how the cheerleaders could be great ambassadors for the Bears. Kind of like when old man Wirtz died and the Blackhawks figured out that it was good to have games on TV.

The Damn Drum Line

One of our favorite posts here at Fire Everybody is “The Chicago Bears Drum Line Sucks”.  This post brings out the big fans of those guys banging drums in the corner of the stadium aimlessly, and of course they replace cheerleaders which would actually be welcome by 90% of the Bears fans.



Well every year I hope the drum line is gone but, like bedbugs, they are back again this year.  Whoop-de-do.  And now for the haters…

Why Don’t They Have Bears’ Fans “Meet” the Drumline?


Dan is on the Redskins’ email list and they recently sent out this invite to current and former season ticket holders. I’m sure they’d get just as much interest if they allowed Bears fans to meet and greet with the drumline.

We often get comments on the main “Drumline sucks” post and they are always hilarious, with drum line “fans” (always drummers themselves or their direct family members) defending why we have the dumb drum line instead of actual cheerleaders.

Bulls Beat Miami The Cooler’s Streak Is Broken

The Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat on Wednesday night to stop the Heat’s streak.


We had seats so close up we were in front of the ESPN cameras.


Dan always calls me “the Cooler” because whenever I attend a basketball event in person it is generally a debacle. The last 2 Illini games we watched in Madison were a disaster for us. But not this time…


And of course you have the Luvabulls, which are exactly the model that the Bears should use for cheerleaders instead of the dreaded drumline. The crowd was predictably dead the entire time.

Not like they were at the end when the Bulls vanquished the Heat – everyone was up and screaming.

Bulls Vs. Heat

Even though I knew Rose was out I figured I’d go to an NBA game since the Bulls had been playing pretty tough against Miami. Here’s a panorama view from up in the cheap seats in the 300 level. Face value the seats were $200 bucks, but there still were seats available.


Here’s tipoff. After the 2nd quarter I don’t know what happened but the Bulls de-volved into some REALLY ugly basketball.


At least you have the Luvabulls. It was all there was for me as the Bulls were decimated. Remember, we don’t just want to fire everybody, we also hate the drumline.