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Some Idiot Thinks the Bears will win 10 Games in 2017

This Bears blog picked up that Sports Illustrated had the Bears picked for 10 wins in 2017, noting that the 2016 team was decimated by injuries.  First of all, as a Bears fan, I want them to go 16-0, but here’s what I actually thought of that prediction…


The Bears have gaping holes across their roster.  While I don’t have a crystal ball, it seems highly likely that they will drop Cutty soon (mid-March when the NFL “season” starts for 2017), and then they will have NO QB.  We won’t count “St. Pick” Barkley or Hoyer who is a career backup who picks up enough stats in garbage time to look competent.  Sure, they could get a QB by trade or the draft, but it seems like we will have one of the weakest starting QB’s going into the season of any team.  See how that went for the Raiders or Texans, two teams 10x better than the Bears who were booted out of the playoffs promptly when they encountered teams with good QB play.

Sure they have some good defensive guys on their roster (usually hurt), but their secondary is a disaster and if they were actually trying to play competitive football this would be a gaping hole.  If you swapped out the Bears secondary for guys on the practice squad of a typical team I don’t think we would see a dramatic difference, and that’s bad.

On offense – with Jeffrey probably gone (or hurt / suspended if he happens to be with the team) – we have terrible receivers and tight ends.  True, we have a decent O line and running back but with no QB, receivers, or tight ends that’s not a formula for winning football.

Oh and let’s not forget that the Bears aren’t exactly a coaching / drafting powerhouse.  Almost all of our top draft picks have been busts and the last thing we innovated was the T Formation.

If anyone is giving you the over / under on a 10 win season for the Bears, damn you’ve got to take the under on that, being a Bears fan notwithstanding.


Thoughts on the Bears’ Season from Afar

I’ve moved away from Chicago and am now following the Bears intermittently.  I did go to one game in person (against the Lions, and we won 17-14) vs. prior years when I went to probably 5-6 home games / year (that’s all I could take in recent seasons since the Bears have been so terrible).

From the West coast I usually can’t get the Bears game and when you watch the Bears on Red Zone they come up like 2 minutes a game since it only shows when you are in scoring positions or if all the other games are on break.

Thus I’ve just seen scraps of the Bears this year and followed them through blogs and stuff and heckling back and forth with Dan.  Really, the ineptitude of this franchise has thrown me for a loop since the disastrous 2nd year of the Trestman regime and I’ve got to wonder why I am attached to one of the laughingstock franchises of the NFL.  But I can’t change now…

Strangely, if the Bears had anywhere the luck of the Lions they’d be .500 or better right now.  The NFL is a trashcan of bad coaching, bad officiating, and incredible injuries afflicting what seems to be most of the stars at one time or another.  The Bears were “in” a lot of games pretty late until they collapsed.

So where do we go from here?  Here’s my 2 cents

  • Cutty is gone.  Hopefully we get a shot to draft a QB and /or mix it up with C grade talent like Hoyer, Barkley or whomever is milling about on a practice squad somewhere.  The team has so many holes we can’t fill em all
  • Jeffrey is gone and we pretty much have no receivers.  We need to cut bait on White too (epic bust) and try to have an offense built around tight ends (of which we don’t have any) and running backs catching the ball because we won’t have a deep threat QB anyways
  • Our O line is decimated by injuries.  I guess we figure some guys come back and we try to pick someone up in free agency or the draft
  • Our secondary is a trashcan fire.  But so are a lot of them in the NFL.  Maybe we can draft someone or get someone in free agency
  • I don’t know if John Fox comes back or not.  We are paying like 10 coaches now I don’t know if it makes sense to fire him again for another lost season

I think most of the NFC looks terrible.  I’ve seen the NFC North and no one is scaring me there.  So maybe we won’t be much worse than the rest of them next year.  Rogers is losing a step and anyone betting on Stafford to carry that team is out of their minds.

I’ll definitely be paying attention at least in the Super Bowl with Dan as we put down some cash in Reno on the big event.


Let’s Talk About the Chicago Bears

Here we are, 1-6 – soon to be embarrassed on national TV (yet again) and we will be sitting at 1-7 to start the year. So let’s talk about the Chicago Bears.

There is so much to unpack here and so much history. I will begin with the boss, George McCaskey.

There are a lot of jokes that go around making fun of the McCaskey family and how they run things. But the fact of the matter is that they have not been stingy with the cash at all. Over and over they have spent untold millions of dollars on this team, trying to make it better. I question keeping Ted Phillips around, however. In what possible world can Ted be considered “successful”? But what is successful to the McCaskeys? Making money? They certainly do that. If it is simply a question of making money, well, more power to them. Nobody has to go to the games (keep an eye on the stands as the weather gets cold and things get more and more bleak). But my gut tells me that they really do want to win. So why is Ted around?

When Ted and George hired Ryan Pace, I felt really good about it. Fresh face, renewed energy, a new way to look at things. An interesting departure from stodgy Phil Emery. But what a mess. It doesn’t appear that Pace has any clear direction. Granted, our whole team seems to get injured every week (and who’s fault is that, anyways?) but we have seen hundreds of guys in Bear uniforms in just a year and a half since the Pace/Fox era started. Our drafts these first two years haven’t been stellar (jury still out on some players, I will give Pace that). But what is the plan? Is there one? The Bears have to be looking long term at this point and form some sort of plan and stick to it. Too many moving pieces.

John Fox. He seems completely clueless. Maybe it is just me. This was Pace’s big hire and he doesn’t really seem to be “with it” in pressers, or on the sidelines or…anything. I am pretty unimpressed so far.

Cutler. He’s gone after this year so everyone can stop blaming everything on him (see how well Hoyer and Barkley did in Cutler’s absence just like Pickles last year). So what are we going to do for a qb? Early draft pick? Could work, might not. Brady was a 6th rounder. The first rounder in Philly, against all of my predictions, seems to be doing well. The number one pick from last year’s draft hasn’t played a down yet. You just never know.

Our offensive line is adequate, but that doesn’t get you into the playoffs and adequate gets your qb killed. Over and over. Even Seattle is having a tough time keeping Wilson upright and Green Bay is also finding out what living with an adequate line is like. Rodgers is definitely not himself this year.

The receivers outside of Jeffrey are unremarkable and in need of an upgrade. Kevin White is a complete and total bust.

Our defense actually seems to be coming along. I know it takes time to learn a new system, but many players have played the 3-4 on other teams so it isn’t like it is as big of a deal as a new offensive coordinator. Our front seven (especially once we get McPhee back) is more stout than I have seen in a while, but our corners and safeties bite. Many injuries on that front as well.

Speaking of injuries, what the heck? Why are we so cursed? Our starting center blew his knee up on FAMILY NIGHT. That is insane. I don’t know if this is bad luck, or poor training, but it just seems like we are always the walking wounded. I have no real explanation for this as I assume that most of the trainers (maybe I am assuming too much) have some sort of NFL experience and know how to train guys up for the long season.

So where does all of this armchair quarterbacking leave us? I really don’t know. Will upper management give Pace and Fox another year? I think that is the real question. I don’t know how much pressure there is on these guys but the owners have to feel tired of seeing their franchise being a laughingstock for so long. If the pressure is too great, there will be sacrificial lambs first (coordinators) then probably Fox, then Pace will go. It is in all of their best interests to show at least a little flash of brilliance (ha) at the end of this year to give Ted and George some sort of confidence in what we have here.

In the end, I am sort of clueless. I know that all of these folks are working as hard as they can, but nothing seems to be clicking. Again.

Piling On

I was reading the Thursday review of games at Deadspin (a hilarious site) where of course the Bears / Cowboys gets one star because it will likely be a tire fire when I saw the author Drew Magary make this confession (but F him because he’s a Queens fan)

Bears at Cowboys: I predicted the Bears would be a surprise wild card team before the season and it’s clear now that they’re doomed. They may not even be able to finish the season.

Funny but if only we could abort this season.

Also now John Fox is on the list of coaches who might get fired (per Deadspin at least, not like that’s the official list or something, but still funny). I think he’s doing a terrible job but I don’t even know if firing him would help. And Pace better get Floyd kicking some rear or he will have two high #1 picks that are basically busts in a row.

I looked at our injury report and if you took the guys that were injured and filled the rest of the team with practice squad talent / guys off the waiver wire – they might have a good chance against the rest of our team that ISN’T hurt. Say what you will about Cutty but he is miles ahead of Hoyer (before he gets stomped out of existence by our terrible O line and awful play calling like our last backup QB) and most of our best guys on defense are all hurt too.

What A Disaster

What a disaster is all I have to say after that dismal game against the Eagles. But it did have all the things that a recent-era Bears fan should expect, including:

– playing decent in the first half and then completely falling apart in the second half
– losing at home – we were 1-7 last year and starting off at 0-1 and things are looking grim
– critical injuries – a couple of key defensive starters and then Cutty
– “backbreaker” play by Cutty – that interception near the end of the first half. Dan texted me “backbreaker” and I knew it was true
– team dissension – McPhee fighting with Cutty (damn that dude isn’t even playing)
– bad turnover ratio – defense didn’t get any turnovers
– fans booing the team – Dan said fans were booing at half time

Traffic is up at Fire Everybody. Frankly I’m kind of out of gas already because firing management isn’t going to clean up this mess any time soon.

Also – Cutty haters – this one is for you. You can see the glorious horizon that is life without Cutty. I saw the game vs. Seattle last year where we had ZERO first downs and Pickles was the QB. Do you know that was the only time in modern football history when that happened? Think about that a bit as we enjoy the bounty of terrible QB’s that await us, each to be smashed by our terrible O line, lack of tight ends, and generally dumb play calling.

Sorry if I’m bitter but it was so bad in the bar that I was watching the game in that the Eagles fans were taking pity on me. Think about that – Eagles fans actually being nice to you. Damn.

Mariota to Bears?

Who knows how accurate the pundits are but in this mock draft the Bears pick up Mariota in the #7 draft pick.

I am astonished that Mariota would fall this far but what the hell do I know. This assumes that Gino Smith is the guy that the Jets build around and / or they don’t want to try to fix the problem through the draft, and that a bunch of other pretty broken teams are happy with their QB. From time to time I say stuff like I think Smith has talent but is poorly used / coached and I get little love with those comments ha ha but I guess if that happened it would be a bit of vindication.

Sure to add fuel to the Cutty fire…

Cutty’s Last Contract Year

2013 is Cutty’s last contract year. Over here at “Fire Everybody” Dan and I have been called “nut huggers” for Cutty because we keep defending him during debacle after debacle. Even some of our good friends like Gerry have pretty much run out of patience with Cutty.

One thing I remember is as soon as Cutty was brought on by the Bears ESPN magazine wrote an article taking his last couple years with Denver and then projecting those statistics out across Cutty’s entire career and then of course Cutty ends up being the next Joe Montana. I about fell out of my chair laughing, because that projection was literally the stupidest thing I’d ever seen.

The act of moving from Denver to Chicago, run by DUMB RON at the time, was a long term career killer. Our offensive coordinator was so lame and our entire offensive “philosophy” (I am rounding up with those quotes, because I don’t think we had one) was so out-dated that we hadn’t innovated since the T Formation like they mention in the Bears’ fight song. Thus all those years of his career were wasted.

Then you get Mad Martz, who treats Cutty AS IF HE IS EXPENDABLE when in fact he is 1 billion times better than the QB’s on the Bears’ roster that replace him when he is inevitably injured. Let’s all just close our eyes and think about how execrably the backup Bears’ QB’s have been when Cutty was out, including Hanie, McClown, and Luther Campbell. Just amazingly, jaw-droppingly, awful.

You could potentially make an analysis that, in fact, Cutler is the SINGLE MOST VALUABLE player in the NFL (on their team) looking at the last 2 seasons, when the Bears started 7-3 before collapsing and then when the Bears went 7-1 before collapsing, although 2011 was a better glimpse than 2012 because 2011 was solely due to the fact that Cutty got injured.

But regardless of how we got here, everyone can agree that the entire Cutty experience has been unsatisfying. So we need to try to win this year, because we have Cutty and could leverage Marshall and maybe everyone is healthy, and try to go out with a bang.

If Cutty did leave, I have absolutely no idea what we’d do next. Obviously there are some big positive scenarios out there where we pick up an established, winning QB and everything goes great, but we also can envision a nightmare scenario of desperate rookie QB’s getting killed and middling talent backup type QB’s making every second a nightmare up in the cheap seats. Since we are lifetime Bear fans, the latter scenario seems much more plausible.

Thus here at Fire Everybody we are hoping for a Big Bang 2013 where Cutty’s problems get fixed and he is the guy we all hoped he could be. Then the decision for a contract extension has more potential positive outcomes for the Bears.

I deeply fear a Bear winter of discarded parts at QB heading off to infinity beginning in 2014.