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Cutty Haters Rejoice

Well it finally happened.  The Bears released Jay Cutler.  Jay is the guy that the haters blame for everything, not our revolving carousel of idiotic offensive coordinators, our terrible drafting, and our lousy roster full of injured players and free agent busts.

Now we have Mike Glennon.  Whooo hooo!  A guy who basically hasn’t played in 2 years and wasn’t great when he DID play.  Of course in today’s NFL with a swollen salary cap and a dearth of talent especially at quarterback Glennon is probably an OK choice at $14M / year.  But I’m not exactly expecting him to set the world on fire.  He is a bit of an upgrade over the starting tire fire of walking wounded from last year but not much.  Anyways, knowing the Bears, he’ll probably be hurt in the first few games (hope he makes it out of the pre-season) and we can just project his stats anyways.

And we let Jeffrey go to.  He wasn’t a bust like Kevin White but he showed just enough brilliance that I’d bet he’s going to shine once he’s off the Bears.

Over the last few years we’ve let all our skilled and all-pro (at any time in their careers) people go on offense including Forte, Cutty, Jeffrey, Marshall, and Bennett and replaced them basically with our new RB and a bunch of nothing.  It is strange that we actually have a decent O line, though.

As a Bears fan I want this all to work out.  I want to dream that Glennon on the bench was like having Rogers watch Favre and learn.  I want our new receivers to kick ass.  I want everything to be great.

But I’m not holding my breath.  Too bad it isn’t the late 80’s we would have a decent team with a solid defense, good running game and a ball control offense.  Unfortunately it is 2017 when you need an aerial assault to even have a chance which is utterly lacking for us.

I will say that any player who’s agent COULD have had them available right now is missing out on just a ludicrous free agent market of paying big for middling talent.  This giant salary cap is crazy.


I Would Like To Hear From Some People

So all of the Cutler haters, you can make your voice heard now, since he is likely gone and we go back to horrible qbs like MATT BARKLEY, which is totally insane if you think about it.

I would also like to hear from all of the assholes who, on these pages in the comments, were bitching and screaming when the Bears screwed the pooch and blew the Bruce Arians deal. Well, he has since won exactly ONE playoff game (an awesome one at that, beating the Packers in a heartbreaker) and looks to be all but dead in the playoff chase this year.

That is all, for now.

What A Disaster

What a disaster is all I have to say after that dismal game against the Eagles. But it did have all the things that a recent-era Bears fan should expect, including:

– playing decent in the first half and then completely falling apart in the second half
– losing at home – we were 1-7 last year and starting off at 0-1 and things are looking grim
– critical injuries – a couple of key defensive starters and then Cutty
– “backbreaker” play by Cutty – that interception near the end of the first half. Dan texted me “backbreaker” and I knew it was true
– team dissension – McPhee fighting with Cutty (damn that dude isn’t even playing)
– bad turnover ratio – defense didn’t get any turnovers
– fans booing the team – Dan said fans were booing at half time

Traffic is up at Fire Everybody. Frankly I’m kind of out of gas already because firing management isn’t going to clean up this mess any time soon.

Also – Cutty haters – this one is for you. You can see the glorious horizon that is life without Cutty. I saw the game vs. Seattle last year where we had ZERO first downs and Pickles was the QB. Do you know that was the only time in modern football history when that happened? Think about that a bit as we enjoy the bounty of terrible QB’s that await us, each to be smashed by our terrible O line, lack of tight ends, and generally dumb play calling.

Sorry if I’m bitter but it was so bad in the bar that I was watching the game in that the Eagles fans were taking pity on me. Think about that – Eagles fans actually being nice to you. Damn.

We Will Soon See If Ryan Pace Gets It

Alshon Jeffrey is a free agent at the end of this season. We all know that.

Ryan Pace needs to sign the extension now. Why is this so urgent? We need to accelerate as much of Alshon’s signing bonus and salary into this season as we can. We are done for this year (and likely next year). Putting as much money as possible into this year does nothing but benefit us in later years when we may need a bit of cap room to put us over the top to reach a playoff spot. Phil Emery made the classic error of waiting until the season was over, and THEN signing Cutler to his deal, wasting a full year of salary cap pro-ration. That especially hurt us seeing the structure and size of Cutler’s contract and is likely one of the main reasons he is gone. He didn’t get it.

While we are at it, I wouldn’t mind seeing some cuts this year to free up cap room for players we don’t really have any intention of signing (Willie Young, among others) so we could get some more deals done. We need a short term extension for the Black Unicorn and I wouldn’t mind seeing Long get an extension even though we are still a year out on his deal. Again, accelerating Long’s money into this year and what is likely another “tank” year in 2016 does nothing but help the future.

The way the Bears are running Forte into the ground, I don’t think we have any intention of signing him, unless he would give us a sweetheart deal. He might have to anyways. The market for aging NFL running backs does not exist – especially ones over 30 with some injury history.

If the season ends and then we see Pace sign Jeffrey (wasting a year of salary cap pro-ration), we will know right then and there that he doesn’t get it. But I think he does.

Mariota to Bears?

Who knows how accurate the pundits are but in this mock draft the Bears pick up Mariota in the #7 draft pick.

I am astonished that Mariota would fall this far but what the hell do I know. This assumes that Gino Smith is the guy that the Jets build around and / or they don’t want to try to fix the problem through the draft, and that a bunch of other pretty broken teams are happy with their QB. From time to time I say stuff like I think Smith has talent but is poorly used / coached and I get little love with those comments ha ha but I guess if that happened it would be a bit of vindication.

Sure to add fuel to the Cutty fire…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I was able to watch the whole game yesterday and I have a few thoughts now that I have digested it for the most part.

The Good:
Jay Cutler. 35/49 for 349 yards and two TD’s. Even after we started having rotating talent due to injuries, Cutler remained focused and accurate.
Willie Young. This will turn out to be a great acquisition for the Bears. Young was all over the field and killing guys to boot.
The offense. We rolled up the yards on the Bills, as expected.
The defense. In general, I think that even though not perfect, we are obviously several steps ahead of where we were last year. In the run, we swarmed to the ball very quickly and it is obvious that our d is much faster.
Matt Forte. He was clearly one of the stars on the field yesterday.
Special Teams. While I am not singing the praises of the special teams this morning, at least it wasn’t the disaster we saw in the pre season.

The Bad:
Jay Cutler. Two dumb decisions lead to picks and likely cost the Bears the game. We have to have better decision making from our highly paid position players.
Jared Allen. I zeroed on him for a lot of the game and he looked pretty well dominated out there. Got to have more production out of him for sure.

The Ugly:
Time management. Trestman could have done better on the last drive of regulation. But we did extend the game into OT so he did his job right, in the end.
Turnovers. Marshall’s fumble and the picks pretty well did us in.
Kickoff returning. Virtually non existent. Gotta take a chance and try to swing the field.

Yesterday was a lot of could have, would have, should have. No time to cry though – we have a very tough test this Sunday night in San Francisco.

Pre Season Game 1

I watched a bit of it.  The NFL has a deal to watch the whole pre season on your computer for $15 but I won’t even pay that.  Hell, I won’t even cross the street to see a preseason game.  But I watched some of it on the NFL Red Zone, which I get on my dish package.  They constantly flipped back and forth *quickly* from game to game but I got a decent feel for the Bears.

Cutler looked sharp, and BMarsh and Alshon were dominant again.  Miller picked up for the black unicorn with no problem whatsoever.  That is a sign of a very good team – when there are issues, guys step in, and step up (see Clown last year).

The defense.  THE DEFENSE!  We were all over Foles and it just looked like we really meant business on the line – and Allen wasn’t even there, away for the birth of his child.  Austin Lane was an animal and Jay Ratliff looked good.

The de la Puente injury really sucks.  It was great having a veteran backup center, so now we have to see how bad the injury was, and pray for Garza to stay healthy.

I wasn’t around for the second half, so let me know what you guys saw good or bad.  I am reading that Clasen looked pretty good (surprise!  not…).  I would love to hear if Christian Jones got in the game as well as Jordan Lynch.

While the NFL Red Zone was flipping around, I saw part of the Tampa game.  McClown (you heard it here first) looked like crap and was getting murdered behind the horrible Tampa line.  His pick six under duress was Hutchinson like.  He is going to get hurt quickly this year.  Glad he ca$hed in but man he is going to regret going with Lovie.  I just hope his inevitable injuries don’t screw him up for his life post football.