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Bears Close Against Possible NFC Leaders Carolina?

Carolina might be one of the better teams in the NFC, with Green Bay losing Rogers and the Cowboys seemingly falling apart.  Thus it is amazing that the Bears are only 3 point underdogs at home against this team.

Here’s a prediction per the Bleacher Report

Look for the Bears to make this a competitive game at home. It should come down to a field goal either way, and that will keep this game within the point spread. Take the points and the Bears.

Let’s think about this a bit.  First of all, the Bears finally gave up on Giraffe Neck, primarily because the mouth breathers (fans) could not stand the idea of giving up on the entire season for a better draft pick and saving the wear and tear on our new shiny QB of the future.  While I don’t set the odds for Vegas, I think the line would be a lot higher if the Bears hadn’t been very close against the Vikings (who amazingly are also one of the better teams in the NFC) and beat Baltimore on the road, which is due to the fact that Trubisky came into the game as the starter and brings the Bears a shot at winning instead of a cardboard cutout (albeit a tall one) of a QB.

If the Bears really are this close to Carolina with all their wide receivers hurt and down many key folks on defense to season ending injuries, what does this say about HOW TERRIBLE THE NFL IS RIGHT NOW?

A bunch of crazy things are happening in the NFL.  Teams that were supposed to be great are terrible, and teams that were supposed to be terrible are great.  What is the cause?  What separates the good teams from the bad teams?

  1. Competent QB play – this implies that your QB isn’t costing you the game and is able to run a decent passing attack in the scope of your offense.  If you have a terrible O line (like the Bears right now) then this must be overcome; if you have no receivers (like the Jets) then that has to overcome, as well
  2. Defense Against the Pass – I don’t care how it happens per se whether it is between rushing the QB to hurry him or having great downfield players in the secondary, if you can put pressure on the opposing passing offense you will do well.  Sure there are some running backs out there but they aren’t really putting teams up or down all that much in the grand scheme of things

The Jets, for instance, have this.  Crazily enough, McClown is playing competently even with all his obstacles and the defense is woke enough to do some damage.  Even the lowly Dolphins with Smokin’ Jay were able to win once he started getting his soon-to-be-backbreaking passes to land.

Do the Bears meet these criteria with Trubisky in the lineup?  Probably.  He isn’t killing them like Giraffe Neck and can make some plays when the o line gives him a couple seconds.  Their defense is actually not too terrible, either.  The difference is probably special teams / trick plays which seem to tilt the Bears one way or another on any given week.

I still laugh HA HA HA when I see people take defensive players or receivers and the like with their top draft picks while there are top (potential) QB’s on the board.  IF YOU HAVE TERRIBLE QB PLAY YOU ARE TERRIBLE, PERIOD.  Look at the Raiders without Carr – they are now “the Bears” as Dan and I typically term a team “without hope of winning a playoff game”.  Cleveland took a defensive stud with their #1 pick and sure he’s made a few plays but their quarterback woes make them completely uncompetitive as a team.

It is sooooo ironic that McClown is out there leading the Jests and smokin Jay can even bring the Dolphins an occasional win.  The level of play in the NFL for QB’s is laughable, and it is even worse when “garbage time” yards are taken out of the equation (I still can’t believe that Glennon threw for 300+ yards in a game).



Bears Dolts Open Thread

Well, the whole FRT and Drunk Bear Fans crew will be representing at Soldier Field today for the opener vs. the Dolts. Hopefully we will see Luck carted off after Pep tears his head off. Let us know how it looks from home.

Draft Weekend Open Thread

I simply cannot let that photo of that horrifying keg of Coors Light sit atop Fire Everybody for any length of time so here is our draft weekend open thread.

Does anyone remember what the draft used to look like? Here is what it looked like to me when I was a kid.
Chicago-Tribune-Newspaper-350x220I remember when I was a wee lad, I would break into my piggy bank and spend the big bucks to buy a Chicago Tribune newspaper after the draft. They had a much larger sports section than my local Rockford rag, and the day after the draft I would look at all the names that were drafted and where they went. I had probably heard of more of the draftees than most, being an avid college football fan for my whole life.

There was no draft coverage on TV, there was no internet. I had to go buy a paper the next day. And my dad wouldn’t front me for the extra cost of the Tribune. That was considered a luxury item and it was my tough shit if I wanted it. Yes, I grew up poor.

Anyway, now we have this insane three day festival of all things draft. I wish I had more spare time – I would love to record for posterity what the pricks on the draft coverage will say tonight, as they gush about what a promising career the draftees have – and play those things later when 75% of these guys who get drafted wash out within a year or two. But that is a job for someone else.

Tonight is round 1, tomorrow is rounds 2 and 3 and Saturday is rounds 4 through 7. I am quite positive that the teams hate this shit too. They have to sit around all weekend until all the picks are done, unlike in the old days where I am guessing this took an hour or two.

I will be damned if you think I am sitting around all weekend to see who the Bears selected so I will chime in here and there as time allows.

Today the NFL teams will pick future studs, and a whole bunch of duds too. Lets hope we see an O lineman tonight with our first rounder. If we don’t, that “fire Phil Emery” category will have a few more entries here.

Good Luck With That

The Bears schedule came out as it did for the rest of the NFL.  The schedule release is front page news up here in Packer country but to me it is usually no bfd.  BUT…this year our first game is against the Dolts at Soldier Field.  I honestly cannot remember how excited I have been for an opener – that is, for the actual game, rather than the tailgating and seeing my friends.  My favorite opener in memory was in 2010 against the Lions, when we had an upcoming highly paid quarterback named Matt Stafford coming to Chicago to prove himself.  Do you remember what happened to him?  I sure do.

That hit put Stafford out for the year and tanked Detroit’s whole season. As we have proven time and again – no QB = disaster.

I remember distinctly giving Pepp a standing O after that one. I gave him one for this hit as well and I remember seeing it live, but I don’t think it was an opener. I still don’t understand why they had Ryan in the game since we were beating the shit out of the Falcons but whatever.

Hahaha no flag.

Well this year, the Dolts are our first opponent, and none other than Andrew Luck will get to see Pepp coming at him to literally tear his arm off. As Carl said to me in an email, “welcome to the NFL mfer”. I would love nothing more than to see Luck and his $100 million contract get thrown asunder in the first series. I am still a hater from the Super Bowl all those years ago. Yes that is sad but it is what it is.