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Bears Get First Round Wrong

In today’s Chicago Tribune you can clearly see the “inside” guys, or the guys that want insider access (hell of a lot of good that has done given how dumb our Bears’ management has been over time) and those that just “call ’em like they see ’em” and let their true opinions rip.

The real truth is McNeil’s article titled “No Help For Cutler Is Just Offensive”.  BTW that is a great tagline I want to give McNeil credit for that.

It just wears me out that Bears hierarchy, whomever is pulling the strings, doesn’t accept that the NFL is, and has been, video game football. The road to the big game in early February is paved only by an offense that rolls up points so fast it makes your head spin.

Now we’re talking.  Besides Dan and I’s mutual hatred for DumbRon, we have always thought that Chicago lionized the defense while the game was won on the offensive side of the field.  Why is that?  Because its the facts.

On the other side you get Pompei scrambling like a wet, tiny dog, loving whatever Emery does.  After all, he needs to worm his way into the locker room for that big “scoop” or Bears management & coach wisdom whatever that is.

But back to McNeil who is on a roll (we can always slam Pompei later, that idiotic, grinning skull will be continually pumping out bad “journalism”):

It sounds like Shea McClellin is a classic “tweener.” Too small to be a full-time defensive end. Not a ferocious enough tackler to live up to the high standards set by Bears linebackers over the years.  Another project. At a time when the championship window is closing.

I think NcNeil is optimistic in even thinking the “championship window” is cracked but certainly with the core Bear defenders over 30 and Cutty just one jack to the body / head from being out for the season with our prospects at zero, we have to get everything just right for a run if we ever want to make it to the Super Bowl.

We can all see how much the Bears were worth last year when Cutty went down.  ZERO.  F*CKING ZERO.  Without our franchise QB our vaunted defense, special teams, running game, and everything else can’t win a game against some of the most HAPLESS NFL teams out there.  I know.  I watched that HORRID streak of games that ended our season.

Thus, you need to keep the QB upright or everything else doesn’t mean jack squat.  Damn I am hoping that Tice can pull another miracle with spare parts, hurt guys, busted draft picks (Williams) and dumb luck to keep Cutty upright.

We set up that “Fire Phil Emery” category for posts and we use it whenever we talk about our GM but for the first time I think it really fits.  I liked his other off season moves.


Bears and the Draft

While eating my cereal this morning I choked a bit looking at a Dan Pompei Chicago Tribune article called “Attention Turns Now To Draft Picks” on the draft and an interview with Emery. While I have no gripes against Emery (yet) it is the same-old same-old as grinning, idiotic skull Pompei tries to use his “insider access” to inform us.

The article did imply that Emery was skillfully looking at free agency and the draft as a consolidated method to build a better team (as any decent GM would, but hell these are the Bears, so I will take any help I can get).

There was no mention of wide receivers anymore.  Apparently the addition of Marshall solves everything.  We will see… especially if he ends up getting in trouble in Chicago nightlife (hey probably not too far from me a lot of the Bears players hang out near me in River North and “invest” their money in their posses) but hey it is good to be hopeful.  It isn’t like the Bears can fix everything, anyways.

Basically the Bears are going to ride their old defenders like Briggs and Urlacher for another year and hope it works out and try to fix the desperate holes elsewhere, notably our defensive line (basically you have Peppers and no one else as far as pressure)  and the never ending carousel of cornerback.  Hopefully the offensive line will hold up if our key players aren’t injured (a dream, but we all can dream) and then we can try to draft for the future a bit.

While researching the draft a bit I noted that the NFL has a whole damn site devoted to the draft

The NFL draft returns to primetime in 2012, with the first round taking place Thurs., April 26, followed by the second and third rounds on Fri., April 27. Rounds 4-7 will be held Sat., April 28. Watch all of the excitement of the 2012 NFL Draft live on NFL Network. For the latest developments leading up to the draft, watch “Path to the Draft” on NFL Network each weeknight starting at 6 p.m. ET.

I can’t believe that people will spend days and days looking at the draft but I guess if you are in a fantasy league and impact guys are coming out you need to keep up on all the details.  For us Thursday April 26 will be a big day because it seems like at #19 and with Marshall selected and Forte, Cutler and the O-line selected I have no idea who it is we will draft – probably the “best athlete available” or something like that.

Frankly anything is better than our prior leadership although Peppers and Cutler both turned out to be great free agent pickups (at an enormous price, of course).

Any thoughts throw em’ in the heckling comment section below.

Dan Pompei Chimes in on Wide Receivers

The topic of wide receivers for the Bears is a never-ending saga as we noted on recent posts (now that the QB situation is sewn up with Cutty and the O Line seems to have stabilized a bit).

In Saturday’s Chicago Tribune idiotic, grinning skull Dan Pompei throws his 2 cents in on the topic of the Bears and drafting wide receivers.

The title of the article is “Free Agent Wide Receivers No Sure Things“.

In the next couple of weeks, Bears general manager Phil Emery will make a decision that could have wide-ranging ramifications for his team. Will he pursue a veteran free agent wide receiver such as Vincent Jackson of the Chargers? Or will he use an early-round draft pick on a wide receiver such as Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd?

Yup, Mr. Pompei, those are pretty much the two options available – look for a free agent, or build through the draft.

As interesting as the list (of available free agent wide receivers) is, the history of wide receivers in free agency may give Emery pause. You would think it would be easy to sign a veteran with a proven track record, plug him in and get instant production.

I love how Pompei just assumes that anyone reading this column knows absolutely nothing about football or the Bears, and he is coming in from his mountain of wisdom (copied directly from his “inside” sources, for sure) to tell us all about it.


Then he goes on with 5 “rules” about wide receivers that mostly are common sense.

1) they can be prima donnas with bad team chemistry
2) every free agent out there has problems, or they wouldn’t be allowed to get away
3) receivers are specialized and best for a given role
4) be cautious with old receivers or injured receivers
5) don’t expect a backup guy to become a primary guy

Those aren’t bad rules, but are so stone obvious that I can’t believe he gets paid to make them.

Other rules that I’d add, specifically for the Bears:

– if history is any guide, you will receive miserable coaching from our either useless or crazed offensive coordinators. So your best day as a Bear is your first day, then it is all downhill
– we have a lot of other “experiments” on the field, like Hester. Since all the parts of an offensive game plan need to work well to be an elite team, don’t count on getting to being elite any time soon
– we generally call a game plan regardless of personnel. So be prepared to not do what you do best and be called on to do something else
– if Cutty goes down, you might as well call quits on your career
– somehow or other, almost all Bears offensive players (since Payton) end up with their careers in tatters. A few escape Chicago and do well elsewhere. Most careers are buried behind Soldier Field

We are all hopeful here on the blog that all of this is going to change in the future. But we haven’t seen change yet. We have a new GM in Emery hopefully he can do something in the free agent market or draft someone who is decent. We have Mike Tice who hopefully can get something out of the personnel that we already have (many of whom have potential).

Sadly enough we still have Lovie and the McCasket’s, although we do need to give the McCaskets props for paying up for Cutty and Peppers.

And also sadly enough we have Pompei whose “insider” view is as usual, un-enlightening.

Cutler Controversy

Apparently caught on tape during the Sunday night win over the Vikings Cutler said

Tell Mike Martz I said Fuck him

Ha ha that’s awesome. This occurred during a third down and long when a draw play was called.

Good for Cutty for standing up. After all he is the one getting killed back there.

That moron Pompei is calling out Cutler, giving him an “F” for leadership for disparaging the mad genius that has gotten him more sacks and smackdowns than any other QB in the league. This is it, I am cutting the cord with Tribune just for keeping that dolt Pompei on staff. Why doesn’t he just let Martz write his articles directly for him?

Hey maybe a little bit of controversy is good for the Bears. Martz’s game plan was noticeably better last week (and the competition was poorer) and they are all adults and it is football so perhaps we are channeling the late great and insane Al Davis in our own way with trash talk.

Dan Pompei Joins the Village People

Dan Pompei looks like he's a member of the Village People

Traditionally we’ve called the gruesomely incorrect “journalist” Dan Pompei an idiotic, grinning skull. Now that he is sporting his new 70’s style look we may have to adjust our description accordingly. Nice look, dude.

Bears Coaches Think Harder

Dan Pompei, the grinning, idiotic skull, recently wrote an article titled “Locked in During Lockout” describing how the Bears brain trust was spending their time during the lockout (one odd thing – I am looking at the printed newspaper which has this headline but the headline is different online, but the content is the same, oh well).

Here is what Pompei said that Lovie had to say about the hated Slack

Smith believes that there is not a lot separating the Super Bowl Champions and the Bears…. All three games could have gone either way.

Uh, that’s crazy. Early on the Slack had half their players injured. When they started to get healthy the Slack picked the pace way up. The game they lost to us had 1 million penalties… almost as if the Slack TRIED to lose. Then in the playoff game which I try to forget I remember being AMAZED that the Bears were as close as they were despite how they were being totally outplayed.

Smith believes the Bears will be better positioned than many teams because they haven’t made major changes to their offensive or defensive systems and are settled in at most key positioned.

Sure… they are better off than the Bills, maybe, but really? The Bears desperately NEED to make changes to their o-line, and to their offense, which was somewhere between anemic and pathetic, and certainly not of the caliber of a Super Bowl champion. The Bears do not need consistency, they need improvement.

Draft Weekend Open Thread

Well, it is the old good news, bad news for draftees. Sure the whole SEC and a few others will get drafted this weekend BUT they can’t sign any contracts or even have contact with the teams until the lockout ends – has it ended? Dunno – it looks like technically the lockout is ended until the NFL appeals the latest court rulings, but the average joe like me can’t really figure it out and there is still no deal as far as a new agreement between the owners and players. Any way you slice it, this is BAD for rookies who need to start getting immersed into the NFL’s complex playbooks (Ron Turner offense not included, of course) as soon as possible. I have been reading some things that say that Cam Newton is dumber than a box of dead crabs and could hardly keep one play straight in the Auburn huddle. I am thinking that a team will get “Leafed” in this years draft if they choose Newton.

But we are really all here to talk Bears. Will they go the soooper smart Dan Pompei way and go for the “best available athlete” or will they do the right thing and take O linemen with every pick (at least the first two!)? We will soon see.

Here is an open thread for you to speak your mind, wise commenters (and the rest of you).