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Life in the Cheap Seats

Want to sum up our Bears’ experience?  Here’s the view in the cheap seats of the last play of our loss to Atlanta when Giraffe Neck Glennon got sacked on the final play.

It was a beautiful day… took about an hour to get out of the damn stadium since we stayed until the last play.


OTC on the Bears’ offseason

We love “over the cap” – a web site that attempts to explain how NFL teams operate and how they leverage the economics of NFL contracts to construct teams and increase (or not) their chances of success.  It is also ironic that the main guy running the site is a Jets fan because the Jets generally fail to take his advice and do everything wrong.

In a disturbing but seemingly accurate summary of the Bears’ offseason and turnover on their roster…

19. Bears

Snaps Lost Quality Snaps Lost Quality ST Lost Avg. APY Lost Avg. Rank
22.3% 14.3% 9.8% $2,622,083 17.5

This has to qualify as one of the oddest offseasons of all time.  The Bears were relatively average in their turnover despite having a terrible team last season and went out and signed an expensive free agent quarterback and drafted a top QB but sold off their best receiver.  This has all the makings of a front office giving a head coach enough rope to hang himself so that their hands are clean when they fire him next season. When final rosters are set and we revisit the snaps gained and lost I expect everything to cancel out except for Glennon. If Glennon fails expect wholesale changes in 2018 with Fox being the fall guy for 2017. I don’t know if that’s the way to run the team or not.

It is hard for me to improve on that, especially

I don’t know if that’s the way to run the team or not

There Isn’t Much Left to Write

Well, another day, another beat down.  While that isn’t exactly fair, the Bears tend to get destroyed by upper echelon teams, and that exact thing happened once again yesterday.

There really isn’t much left to say that we haven’t already said.

One thing that was new that I noticed yesterday is that the offensive game plan has been completely dumbed down.  I think that Trestman has lost confidence in Cutler.  There were hardly any long passes down the middle to our big receivers.  Almost everything was short dink and dunk stuff.  Which worked, for a while anyways.

There really isn’t any reason for us to peer down the rabbit hole and get into advanced statistics, or talk about the cap or anything else at this point.  I will admit that this will be one of the most interesting off seasons in recent memory.  But for now, like our guy Snoop says, “we suck”.

Oh My God An Offensive Lineman

I can’t believe it. The Bears went out and got a legit left tackle!

The ESPN NFC North blog sums it up well…

Kudos to Kromer, coach Marc Trestman and general manager Phil Emery for recognizing and finally acting on such an obvious liability. We’ve spent so much time discussing the state of the Bears’ offensive line, and their annually unreasonable requests of former line coach Mike Tice to patch it together, that it feels surreal to acknowledge such a significant move.

The guy Bushrod was coached by Kromer. Also need to give it up for the McCasket’s they must have paid big dollars for a first rank left tackle and this is going to hit them in the pocketbook.

I love the word “surreal” in their comment.

Free Agency

Give us your thoughts, esteemed commenters, about how you are feeling about the Bears moves in free agency, which starts now.

The Health of the Bears

We all know that the Bears are totally beat up and limping out this last three games of the year. We even lost Gould – Gould! But this post isn’t about our injury woes, it is about the health of the organization. I think it is pretty healthy, financially. At least it should be.

Many years ago (I can’t find exactly, but I would guess three or four) I put in for another pair of season tickets. I don’t remember if at the time I had to check a box as to if I preferred PSL or non PSL. Anyone who knows me understands that PSL fees are my “line in the sand”. I will simply never pay them. I usually mock those who do, and have nicknamed one of our friends “PSL Dave” since he paid one.

Here is the chart of Soldiers Fields PSL vs. non PSL seats. When the Bears finished the “renovation” of Soldier Field they were smart to let a bunch of people get in there with no PSL. I think it was more of a marketing/feel good type of thing. I often wonder what would happen to attendance if they made the whole place PSL like they did Lambeau (I believe every seat in Lambeau has a $2 grand PSL). I think it would still be full. At least I think it would be full enough in that they would rake enough PSL fees to more than pay for any season ticket holders they would lose, such as myself. And if it were revenue neutral or if they came out ahead on that deal, I would imagine they would want to do this. More people mean more trash, drunks, and other nonsense that you have to deal with. Fewer people to buy beers and silly jerseys with Jerry Azumah’s name on it, however.

But I digress. As of this writing I am still number 4,815 on the “priority” list. I think that this must include all seats, not just PSL and/or Non PSL. I haven’t moved much in the past few years. I think that signifies good demand for Bears season tickets. Although, I do get emails from the Bears on occasion that they have single seats available. They must get returns from corporations and visiting teams, but what do I know about that.

Bears Home Opener Tickets Available… for $302 EACH


Just for grins I was over at Ticketmaster and clicked to see if they had any seats available. They did! I checked and they were in the far far wedge on the “rich” side of the stadium. I hovered over them and the tickets were $302 / EACH!

That’s just crazy to pay that much for a ticket way up top. I am not certain what our cheap seats cost but I think they are about $80 each for way way up high seats on the “cheap” side of the stadium. That’s more like it.

Also funny Dan said it in the comments but the guy who put up the “Fire Norv Turner” site sits in almost the same exact cheap seats as we do.