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Bears Browns Pre Season

You will see a bunch of guys tonight destined for the scrap heap but hey, let me know if you see anything good.

Bears/Chefs Pre Season

An early one today for who knows what reason, but lets hear what you think of the dress rehearsal today.

Bears/Pats Pre Season

Should be another sh1tsow tonight but here is a thread for any discussion points you may have.

Bears Broncos Pre Season

Welcome to the pre season to our tens of readers, where the results don’t count, but the injuries do! Let us know what you think about tonight’s terrible game.

Things are Already Looking Terrible

I saw this article today which pretty much speaks for itself

Jay Cutler’s Top 5 Targets All Sitting Out Practice

And I know it’s just practice (a little bit of the old Iverson classic press conference) but it is still a horrendous sign given that we let go a few of the top targets (Bennett, Forte and Marshall the prior year) intentionally over the last couple of years.

On top of that we have Long in a walking boot and now the Bears’ starting center gets hurt on frickin’ FAMILY DAY of all things on the horrendous Soldier Field turf.

Our O Line is highly likely to be a disaster this year and our offensive coordinator is going to need to get the ball off quickly (to who? see above) because every play is going to look like a damn jailbreak.

Yeah I think our defense is going to be a lot better (mostly nowhere to go but up) but unless we can really work some magic out of spare parts this trend of our few working parts on offense getting hurt is going to make for a long year of 3 and outs and Cutty on his backside.

Sorry to be a downer and random folks talk about the mystical “second year of the Fox coaching career” with a new team where he wills them to the playoffs but I’m thinking not so much in 2016.

Camp Open Thread

Well, it is time for camp and pre season! Where the games don’t count, but the injuries do. Here is an open thread if our tens of readers notice anything worthwhile. Braverman is getting rave reviews out of the box, but we will see how he does as he gets beat up in camp.

Bears vs. Browns Pre Season

Well, the final pre season game of the year is here.  This serves basically as a proving ground for the guys on the bubble to show themselves off and make the team, or not.

It is also a “thank you” of sorts for the guys who are not going to make the team who have been getting their brains bashed in all camp long, so they can get some highlight reel stuff together for their agent to shop them around once they are handed their pink slip.

Either way, you are going to see some lousy football tonight.  I won’t partake.