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Bears vs. Browns Pre Season

Well, the fourth and final pre season game tonight.  I am guessing that starters play one or two series if that.  Should be interesting to see Trubisky out there for a while as well.


Bears vs. Cardinals Pre Season

Meh.  This thing starts at 9pm central time, so I will have to rely on our west coast connections and/or anyone crazy enough to stay up and watch this one.  Let me know what you see in the comments.

Bears vs. Broncos Pre Season

Well, to our tens of readers, here we go with yet another great season of Chicago Bear football!  Tonight is our first pre-season game.  Here is an open thread for you to let us know if you see anything eye catching.

Also, it is prediction time!  I will start with predicting a 6-10 season, and everybody getting fired.  Again.

Bears Browns Pre Season

You will see a bunch of guys tonight destined for the scrap heap but hey, let me know if you see anything good.

Bears/Chefs Pre Season

An early one today for who knows what reason, but lets hear what you think of the dress rehearsal today.

Bears/Pats Pre Season

Should be another sh1tsow tonight but here is a thread for any discussion points you may have.

Bears Broncos Pre Season

Welcome to the pre season to our tens of readers, where the results don’t count, but the injuries do! Let us know what you think about tonight’s terrible game.