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The New Bears

Wow Emery and Trestman have been busy this off season.  As you all know, I am full on board with their moves and after seeing that dramatic offensive improvement last year (second best scoring unit in the entire league), am excited to see our defense improve this year and getting back to the playoffs.

I am impressed with the patience and smarts Emery has shown in unwinding the Angelo era of awfully structured contracts.  The biggest and easiest example to show is the “trade” of Peppers for Allen.  Pep’s contract was a disaster to the cap for the Bears, and as I mentioned in a previous comment, it is likely that ANY TEAM would have had to cut him after this year – even if he had 25 sacks.  Which he didn’t.  Allen’s contract is for 4 years on its face, but the dead money and cap hit go away after 2 – so essentially Allen finishes his career as a Bear after 2015.  Unwinding Angelo’s nightmare takes time, and I think Emery knows and understands how current moves affect the future of the team.

With that, a quick summary of what has happened in the last month or so:

Gone:  Pepp, Hester, Major Wright, Corey Wootton, Michael Bush, Earl Bennett, and TQWSNBN.  Of course Lovie, in his inherent wisdom, gave TQWSNBN $5 million a year and instantly names him the starter.  I simply cannot wait to watch that qb put up a total shitshow in Tampa, proving that Trestman and Kromer are the real reason he was successful, not some random fantastic year an old qb had (of course Lovie believes the latter).

Who’s on the roster:  We re-signed Tillman, a good move I think.  He has a solid year or two left in him and is one of our keys in the secondary.  We also picked up Lamarr Houston, a solid D lineman from the Raiders.  We desperately need depth at this position and I wouldn’t be surprised to see us draft one or two SEC maniacs to fill up these spots.  Tim Jennings got a new deal.  Jared Allen is here, of course as mentioned above.  We also have Willie Young, re-signed Izzy Idonije for a year and still have Shea in there for situational downs.  I am no fan of Shea, but he will always have a roster spot for me for injuring Rodgers.  We also brought in a slew of veteran corners and safeties to address our shortcomings there, and also signed Hixon to replace Hester for runbacks.

We re-upped Cutler, and I am happy with it.  There will be arguments all over the place on this one, but not one person has yet to show me what “plan b” was that made any sort of sense at all.  Until that happens, I am happy.  We have a good quarterback – we just need to keep him upright.

I am excited to see what is up the front office’s sleeve for the draft.  We don’t have a backup qb yet so I imagine we may draft one there and certainly we should see a d lineman or two.  If it is even half as good as last year’s draft, we will be in excellent shape for 2014.

All in all, Trestman is very happy with Emery for sticking to the script and it appears that everyone is working together and making good moves for the betterment of the team, and doing the moves in a prudent manner as regards the cap so we can remain competitive, instead of having one year of greatness and then hitting the skids (many NFL teams have to “give up” some years due to past years cap mismanagement).

Alright, esteemed commenters, lets hear it.


Quote of the Day and So Long Julius

It is a virtual lock that Pep gets cut soon for cap reasons.  I am pretty agnostic about Pep – he did great last year, but seemed to me to be mailing it in at times this year.  Any way you slice it, he is a major drag on our cap and needs to go.

Along these lines, I asked Jason at Over the Cap what he thought about the way Emery is running the team, as far as managing the cap was concerned.  He talked about it on their last podcast for a bit.  Jason seemed a bit concerned about the Cutler and Gould deals, but gave Emery an “incomplete” at this stage.  I plan on following up with a question this week on how long should a new GM have to unwind the deals of the past.  I expect the answer to be 2-3 years but will let you know if Jason talks about it.  You should take an hour every week and listen to the podcast and you will learn a lot.

The quote of the day comes from the same website, from a recent post about the Panthers restructuring a couple of contracts:

…making it more difficult to consider eating a year for cap purposes in 2014.

The NFL, sometimes, isn’t what you may want to think.  It is routine for teams to “eat” a year of losses to get themselves back into good cap shape.  And that is what makes it a great and entertaining league.

A Closer Look At 2013 Stats For Julius Peppers

I can’t remember where, but I read in one place that Julius Peppers didn’t have horrendous numbers for 2013. The writer I read was looking at category totals. Peppers played in all 16 games and ended up with 7.5 sacks and 31 solo tackles.

Let’s look at these totals a bit more. Specifically, let’s look at four of the 16 games: 1. 9/29/13 v. Detroit, 1 sack and 4 solo tackles in a game the Bears lost; 2. 11/17/13 v. Baltimore, 2 sacks and 8 solo tackles in a game the Bears won; 3. 12/1/13 v. Minnesota, 2.5 sacks and 5 solo tackles in a game the Bears lost; and  4. 12/29/13 v. Green Bay, 1 sack and 4 solo tackles in a game the Bears lost.

The above four games, three of four of which were losses, account for 6.5 of Peppers’ 7.5 sacks and 21 of 31 of his solo tackles. What about the other 12 games he played? One sack and 10 solo tackles.

Big Guns

Via ESPN I see today that the NFL has threatened that if the lockout is forced off that they may bring in WADA (the World Anti Doping Agency) to run tests on the players. This might not seem like too big of a deal, but in reality it is an ENORMOUS gamble by the owners.

The NFL currently does not test for HGH and a myriad of other PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs). WADA tests for EVERYTHING and does it to MINUTE levels. It is very difficult to get past a WADA test if you have anything abnormal in your system. You even have to watch what medicines you take, and what foods you eat for fear of getting a positive (see professional cyclist mayhem over the past decade).

The players must be crying in their Wheaties with this broadside by the owners.

Lets be real for a second here.

What percentage of players do you think are doping in some form? My guess (I have absolutely no data to support this so it is a WAG) would be around eighty percent. At a minimum, at least one in two players.

I don’t think the NFL would ever really bring in WADA tests, but it is an interesting way to get the players out of court and to the negotiating table. Time is a wasting – it is May 9 now and there seems to be little to no progress on any fronts.

This is a pretty bold move, and one that could pay off for the owners – but it could also backfire for everyone. Most of the players would be out of jobs, and the owners with WADA tests would have what we had forty years ago – 250 pound guys on the line that are fat and slow. And we aren’t paying to see those guys play, we are paying to see roided up freaks like Peppers tear guys like Stafford’s head off.

Interesting times, these – to be sure.

NFLPA Guide to the Lockout

nflpa 001

I have been seeing a lot of people quoting the NFLPA telling their players to CUT DOWN (rather than eliminate – haha) on their entourages and/or to cut back on other purchases, etc. during the lockout. I prefer original sources but couldn’t find any – all I saw was a columnist saying it was so. Well, with a little creative thinking (it took me literally five minutes with Google) I now have in front of me as you can see above the NFLPA guide to the lockout in its entirety. It even has DeMaruice Smith’s email address in it.

In the following post (which is very, very long), I will highlight and quote some sections that may be of interest to our tens of readers.

*NOTE – I did NOT steal the material, it was available on a public website that I found.

With that disclaimer, on with the show.
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Weekend Open Thread, Bears vs. Cards pre season

Open thread for any Bears news you guys have heard, as well as for the game tomorrow night that Carl should be at unless his wife has more important plans for him. I won’t be able to see the game up here in Wisco and I will be damned if I am driving all the way down there for a crappy pre season game, so if you guys could keep an eye on Julius and let me know how he looks I would appreciate it.

Letting Yourself Go

I bashed Julius Peppers pretty damned hard during the off season for partying until the wee hours instead of getting good sleep and working out. I hear that he looks pretty good in camp. That makes me happy. I still won’t be convinced until I watch him at Soldier Field and see if he works hard as he can out there. I don’t want to see any dogging.

Although Julius may have not let himself go as badly as I was theorizing (lets hope so), Albert Haynesworth really did an awesome number on himself. He was the only Redskin not to attend the off season conditioning camps. Now, Haynesworth is really, really paying the price. Uh-oh, there is a new sherriff in town, Mike Shanahan.
In this SUPER funny clown show, Shanahan is making him pass a simple conditioning test before letting him practice with the team. I will remind everyone that Haynesworth is the owner of the most expensive contract in all of the NFL – and is now sitting the bench.

And I knew this would ultimately happen – everyone is trying the test and passing it, from little girls to old men. I haven’t tried it yet but have absoluetly no doubt that I would pass the test on the first try.

I absolutely love this clown show, and like Shanny even more now than I used to.

Steve Czaban says it best in his great post on the subject:

Because to me, this is a huge – albeit spectacularly funny – waste of time. Think about it. You have a player who is hated in the locker-room, ridiculed by fans, grossly out of shape, with a horseshit attitude, and is now way behind in learning the new scheme.

You gonna trust him on a big 3rd and 7 against the Dallas Cowboys on the road?

He’ll take two half-assed steps into a gap, lose his balance, fall down, and allow Marion Barber to go 74 yards up the middle for a TD.

No thanks. Let’s cut the strings to this parade float, and pretend it never, ever, ever happened.

Or, maybe there’s a fairy tale finish somewhere here, where Al passes the test, and works his way back into the starting lineup playing the hated 3-4 scheme. Team-mates accept him back, fans begrudgingly do as well, and it’s all just one big silly summer misunderstanding.


I will continue to monitor and laugh uncontrollably at this situation and at Fatass Haynesworth until he finally passes. Like I always say when I am at a Bear game, no matter now cold or crappy the weather is, or how bad the parking and traffic are – at least we aren’t at Fed Ex.