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A Closer Look At 2013 Stats For Julius Peppers

I can’t remember where, but I read in one place that Julius Peppers didn’t have horrendous numbers for 2013. The writer I read was looking at category totals. Peppers played in all 16 games and ended up with 7.5 sacks and 31 solo tackles.

Let’s look at these totals a bit more. Specifically, let’s look at four of the 16 games: 1. 9/29/13 v. Detroit, 1 sack and 4 solo tackles in a game the Bears lost; 2. 11/17/13 v. Baltimore, 2 sacks and 8 solo tackles in a game the Bears won; 3. 12/1/13 v. Minnesota, 2.5 sacks and 5 solo tackles in a game the Bears lost; and  4. 12/29/13 v. Green Bay, 1 sack and 4 solo tackles in a game the Bears lost.

The above four games, three of four of which were losses, account for 6.5 of Peppers’ 7.5 sacks and 21 of 31 of his solo tackles. What about the other 12 games he played? One sack and 10 solo tackles.


Charles Tillman Guarantees He Will Retire As A Bear

Charles “Peanut” Tillman was quoted on the record as saying that he guarantees that he will retire as a Bear. An asshole by the name of Paul Jackiewicz from then comes out with a piece that shows how ignorant the press can be. Read the last two sentences a couple of times and add the emphasis you think that the writer penned. Think about Tillman’s career as a corner and Tillman’s legacy as a human being and tell me you don’t think Paul Jackiewicz ought to be punched in the mouth for his reaction to “Peanut.” Here is what he wrote:

“With free agency looming for Bears cornerback Charles Tillman,  he guaranteed that he’ll retire as a Bear.

“There has been speculation that Tillman will want to leave the Bears to go play for Lovie Smith in Tampa Bay, but the cornerback insists he wants to end his playing career in Chicago.”In a perfect world, I will finish as a Bear,” Tillman said via CBS Radio in Chicago.“ I guarantee you I will retire as a Chicago Bear. I guarantee that.”

Tillman isn’t getting any younger.  If he wants to retire as a Bear,  he better be willing to give them a home town discount.”

Charles Tillman was born in Chicago, the son of a U.S. soldier. He has only ever played for the Bears. He is arguably the best corner in Bears history. He is a two time Pro Bowl player. He has won a Courage Award, a Salute to Service Award, and the Brian Piccolo Award three times. Does he need Jackiewicz to tell him to look in the mirror and he’s not getting any younger?

UPDATED February, 2014: Add winner of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

McCown Still Open To Bears Even If Another Team Offers A Starting Job

On Tuesday Josh McCown was quoted on ESPN 1000’s “Waddle and Silvy Show” as saying the following:

“I think from both sides, when I left and was exiting and doing all those things, I think it was mutual that both [parties] want to keep working together…. I think we understand what we are coming from there. It’s just the things that I have to weigh and think about. If an opportunity does come along to start, where is that team? What kind of team is that? It’s hard to leave a team, especially as a quarterback, in an offensive structure that we have and are building with the pieces that we have. So it’s not so cut and dry that this team will give you an opportunity to be a starter so let’s go there. I think it’s weighing what all is there and what that opportunity entails. It’s going to have to look really good for me to go someplace else because my heart is in Chicago and that is where I want to be.”

I for one hope that the Bears make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Why the Internet is Great

Deadspin has an article where disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy (the guy caught for fixing games and sent to jail) reviews the calls that were made or not made in game one of the Heat / Spurs series.  Here is the link to his analysis.

What’s interesting to me is how he attempts to get inside the minds of the refs to show why they called a little foul here or there, which is often (supposedly) in response to a blatant foul call that they missed earlier.

1:08: This is a missed call. Bosh does not foul Duncan. Perhaps Popovich’s tantrum over the previous foul on Allen was in the referee’s head enough to earn Duncan a make-up call. But wow, what an occasion for a bad call: It gives San Antonio two free throws and two points it doesn’t deserve with one minute to go. Why don’t Van Gundy and Breen comment on this missed call? It essentially decides the game.

Here Donaghy basically says the refs changed the entire game with a BS call on Bosh that favored Duncan.  Sounds plausible.  The Bosh fan club is zip and everyone loves Duncan and the entire NBA black helicopter crew wants the series to be exciting and go 7 games so an upset win on game one helps that narrative.

Dan and I go back and forth about how fixed the games seem to be as certain favored players are immortal in terms of their fouls while the little guys take all the hits.  At least Donaghy just puts it all out there.

The other funny part of this is that no reputable sports “journalism” newspaper would ever let Donaghy have a column – but Deadspin doesn’t give a flying f*ck and god bless them for that.

Perhaps THE Worst Article Written Yet About the Lockout

Sometimes a guy writes an article that is so mind numbingly stupid that I have to shake my head. And then double check my investment portfolio to make sure I don’t own any stock in the company the writer works for. In todays case we have a brutal article about the lockout by Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN.

In the article Wojo (which I will call him from now on) tries to take apart the owner of the Dolphins Stephen Ross for comments that Ross recently made about the lockout.

From Wojo’s article:

Yes, NFL players make a lot of money. But they’ll never make as much as NFL owners. And a player’s career can end in a nanosecond. So tell me again how many concussion syndrome tests an owner goes through? Or how often he has to slide slowly, step by step down a staircase, as running back Jerome Bettis did the morning after games because his knees and legs were too battered to walk?

Last time I checked, nobody was holding a gun to anyone’s head making them play professional football for a living. Brutal, career ending injuries are part and parcel of bigtime college football and pro football. If you don’t like it, you can shove off. Simple as that. What does not making as much as an owner have anything to do with anything? If you think you can make as much as an NFL owner please do so. But if you sign a contract to play professional football for “x”, you need to do that and pretty much stfu. Right Wojo?

The benevolent Ross OK’d a sliding scale of employee pay cuts based on salary. What a guy.

And once again, last time I checked, if folks don’t want to work for the Dolphins they are absolutely 100% totally free to look for employment elsewhere.

Owners such as Ross don’t get it. They endorse a strategy that guarantees a lockout but fail to understand the financial trickle-down effects it has on the worker bees of the organization.

Oh, owners such as Ross get it exactly correctly. They are trying to negotiate with the players, who LIED TO THEM about negotiating in good faith while they had already printed a lockout guide and had planned to dissolve their union long before the CBA had expired.

This whole article stinks. It is simple minded hitpiece against one of the NFL owners who happens to be a super rich guy (how many of them aren’t?). The whole piece drips of Wojo’s anger and contempt toward Ross and the rest of the owners, and not ONCE does he put any of the blame on the current situation on the players. How about this Wojo, since you have it all figured out: Why don’t you take your immense talents and understanding of the situation and go out there and get ‘er done? You can’t Wojo because you don’t understand the situation, the sides, the issues, nothing. You are just a shitty sportswriter.

There is plenty of stupid to go around when you are talking owners vs. players. That is no reason to be an idiot and go out and write a crappy hitpiece. Not only should Wojo be canned for this crap, his editors should be as well. ESPN is owned by Disney. I actually own Disney stock. I can’t believe Wojo is getting paid for this tripe when that could be cash that could be sent to the companies’ bottom line.

I Could Not have Written It Better

Allow me to point you all to the Rick Morrisey piece today in the Chicago SlumTimes.,CST-SPT-morrissey09.article

The comments are also well worth reading.

The Media Finally Joins In

This blog originally started by Dan and I for two main reasons: 1) Ron Turner obviously was an inept offensive coordinator who failed to deliver while wrecking the Bears and Illini 2) No one seemed to be talking about it. When Dan and I talked to “real” Bears fans (the ones next to us in the cheap seats or in the sports bars) invariably when we mentioned Ron Turner they would go into a stream-of-consciousness bitter rant about how terrible he is with his play calling and yet when we turned on the TV or read the newspapers (back in the day when people read newspapers) there just wasn’t anyone calling this out.

While Ron is gone the ineptness rolls on. We know that Ron wasn’t the whole problem – it took a “village” to mess up the Bears this much, to mismanage the talent they had and thus squander our chance for a Super Bowl win back in 2007.

Sometimes sports guys would comment on this site and say something like “you aren’t a coach” or “you don’t know what you are talking about” as if we had to be a pedigreed coach to realize that calling the same 5 plays all day on offense WHEN THEY WEREN’T WORKING was a good plan in the first place. We were judging the Bears by the results THAT WE SAW WITH OUR OWN EYES on the field and they were plain as day; if there was some sort of super-secret plan behind all of it that some NFL genius could see then fine, why are the Bears down in the gutter of the offensive (and often defensive) statistics when the year is said and done?

Now, however, the media too are calling out the Bears coaches on a regular basis, for the same things that we hate the Bears coaches for.

From the Friday Chicago Tribune by Rosenbloom

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said concussions were never a concern when he coached Jay Cutler in Denver. Of course not. They blocked in Denver.

Here’s another one from Rosenbloom

You read Mike Martz talking about all the “positives” in the Bears’ loss to a miserable road team in the Seahawks, talking about the “big plays” the Bears hit in going 0-for-12 on third down, and talking about how excited he is about his offensive line that’s on a team-record pace for sacks, and you realize Martz lives in such a parallel universe that he makes Lovie Smith sound credible.

And Dan McNeil titled his article “Coaches Spinning Serious Fables” with the sub title “Bears offense looks lost despite staff’s opinions to the contrary”

If Martz is just protecting his players, I get it. But he needs to stop insulting the intelligence of a fan base in Chicago that knows bad football.

I also see more and more comments about Lovie’s completely passive style of coaching and general smugness (which Gerry summed up so well in a recent post / rant) in the media which also has made us gag for years.

So FINALLY guys thanks for waking up. It is too late of course, maybe you could have castigated Angelo years ago so that someone else could have done our drafting and maybe we’d have a few more players (or a decent offensive line) but hey, better late than never.

One thing that is different today is that the media is now jumping on the Bears