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Some Idiot Thinks the Bears will win 10 Games in 2017

This Bears blog picked up that Sports Illustrated had the Bears picked for 10 wins in 2017, noting that the 2016 team was decimated by injuries.  First of all, as a Bears fan, I want them to go 16-0, but here’s what I actually thought of that prediction…


The Bears have gaping holes across their roster.  While I don’t have a crystal ball, it seems highly likely that they will drop Cutty soon (mid-March when the NFL “season” starts for 2017), and then they will have NO QB.  We won’t count “St. Pick” Barkley or Hoyer who is a career backup who picks up enough stats in garbage time to look competent.  Sure, they could get a QB by trade or the draft, but it seems like we will have one of the weakest starting QB’s going into the season of any team.  See how that went for the Raiders or Texans, two teams 10x better than the Bears who were booted out of the playoffs promptly when they encountered teams with good QB play.

Sure they have some good defensive guys on their roster (usually hurt), but their secondary is a disaster and if they were actually trying to play competitive football this would be a gaping hole.  If you swapped out the Bears secondary for guys on the practice squad of a typical team I don’t think we would see a dramatic difference, and that’s bad.

On offense – with Jeffrey probably gone (or hurt / suspended if he happens to be with the team) – we have terrible receivers and tight ends.  True, we have a decent O line and running back but with no QB, receivers, or tight ends that’s not a formula for winning football.

Oh and let’s not forget that the Bears aren’t exactly a coaching / drafting powerhouse.  Almost all of our top draft picks have been busts and the last thing we innovated was the T Formation.

If anyone is giving you the over / under on a 10 win season for the Bears, damn you’ve got to take the under on that, being a Bears fan notwithstanding.

Bears vs. Dolts

Let’s see if this high powered Brian Hoyer led offense can continue its winning ways against another terrible team, the Dolts.

Not a Typical Packers Fan

I’m behind the cheddar curtain and have local news on and saw this newscaster with her Packers hat.   I’ve seen a million Packers fans over the years and this is not what they look like for certain.   As Bears fans we are now down to rooting against the hated Slack as we miss the playoffs one more time. 


Bears vs. Lolions

Well, the Bears finish off the season today at home against the Lions. Vegas says this one is a toss up.

Bears vs. Queens

I would expect a loss here, but we shall see.

No wonder I feel Depressed: Sayreville War Memorial High School

The Sayreville War Memorial High School football program has been cancelled.

Seven Sayreville football players have been arrested on charges ranging from aggravated criminal sexual assault to criminal restraint. It is unclear at this time whether the students will be charged as juveniles or as adults.

Hundreds of school supporters attended a rally on Sunday, seeking to promote the community! Some community residents are quoted as saying that there is “anger” over the season being cancelled!  One, a sports reporter, is quoted as saying “Some people say that because only seven people have been charged, why punish the whole team?”

Further, District Superintendent Richard Labbe is represented on ABC news as already saying “[he]… does not believe that the coaching staff was aware of the incidents!”

The team’s head coach, George Najjar, is represented as taking the stance that his future coaching at the school is “unknown!”

It is only after sifting through the comments following the many online stories about this abomination at Sayreville that one comes across opinions such as “I hear parents saying that it’s not fair for the whole team’s schedule to be cancelled, but what about the rights of the children that were sexually assaulted?”; “Didn’t the coaches notice when underclassmen started changing clothes outside of the locker room?”; and “Upperclassmen have described it as a tradition at Sayreville.”

Bears vs Panthers Open Thread

Dan and I will be out shooting at our friend Gerry’s place. Go Bears and let’s get back on track.